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E-Flight 1S Battery Connectors (Micro JST, _toc:Connector Mania)
SMA and RP-SMA Connectors (SMA, connector mania)
Some Good Deal on Amazon Batteries (batteries, power)
The Tao of Nutball (goldguy, nutball, philosophy)
LED Spectator TV for FPV (fpv, monitor)
Inspire 1 in the wind, two flavors of video (Wind, flags, inspire, video test)
My Cheap Ikea Workbench (ikea, workbench, workshop)
DIY DJI Inspire 1 Battery "Charger" (Inspire 1, Inspire DIY, power supply)
Things to try: the Dream Flight Libelle DLG (DLG, Libelle)
Getting Started with the DJI Inspire 1 ()
Taranis D-Series Telemetry: Lightning Version (Taranis, d-series, telemetry)
Hubsan Q4 MicroQuad Review ()
Concord Model Engineers Minutes, March 2015 ()
Two great videos about indoor flying (F3P, f1d, flitetest)
Recording Taranis Audio Files ()
WLToys V686G Mini FPV Quadcopter ()
Notes onOneShot 125 ESC Communications (oneshot)
Fixing UMX Radian Porpoising (porpoising, umx radian)
Concord Model Engineers Minutes, February 2015 (cme minutes, concord model engineers)
CME Minutes, January 2015 (cme minutes)
Warren's Balsa Storage (balsa storage Warren Delane)
Three F22 Videos (f22, foam-tac)
Some EZFly Pics (EZFly)
Two Micro FVP Setups for UMX Radian ()
Cartoon SR-71 (SR-71)
A few video production notes (thumbnails, video production)
EastBay RC joins FAA in encouraging n00bs to fly safely! (NoodleCopter)
HeboCon - The Robot Festival for Dummies! (funny, hebocon)
Concord Model Engineers Meeting Minutes, Nov. 2014 (cme, cme-minutes)
EastBay RC Attends DJI Inspire Launch ()
Class Supplies (batteries, class, props, purchasing)
"Mod C" Slow Flying UMX Radian (Citabria, Rick Rademacher, mod c umx radian, umx radian)
Interesting RC Kite: Preview (flying kites, kites, prototype, upcoming projects)
EastBay RC Celebrates the Nobel Prize! (celebration, leds, nobel prize, selfie)
Nice Foamy LED Mounting (leds, night flying)
Jack Erbes' BB32 KFm3P Polyhedral Wing ()
decalage -- lots of interesting stuff (decalage, umx radian)
None (taranis sound files)
Concord Model Engineers Logo! (cme, concord model engineers, logo)
Concord Model Engineers Minutes, September 2014 (concord model engineers, minutes)
ArrBot Rally Day! (ArrBot Rally Day, Robotics Class, arrbot)
Release information for KBS ()
ArrBot Assembled and Driving with Preliminary Software (ArrMote, arrbot)
Next Gen 1S Super Charger Coming Up! (1S Batteries, charging, super charger)
Testing a Bluetooth Module (Bluetooth)
Hooking up the ArrMote (ArrBot Syllabus, arrbot, nRF24L01, nunchuck)
FTDI, VCC, and the Arduino Pro Mini (Cheap Hacks, arduino, arrbot, electronics, ftdi)
FrSky X Series Failsafe Modes (FrSky, failsafe)
ArrBot: Catchup Class (ArrBot Class, arrbot)
Troubleshooting Mac FTDI Driver Problems ()
ArrBot: nRF24L01+ notes (arduino, arrbot, nRF24L01)
Concord Model Engineers Minutes, July 2014 (concord model engineers)
Stiffening a Wing with CF (bixler 2, wing, wing stiffening)
None (Case Customization, Taranis)
Concord Model Engineers Minutes, July 2014 (concord model engineers)
Ahoy, Mates! (sailboat)
Connecting Things to Breadboards (breadboards, prototyping)
Arrbot: Assembling the Body (ArrBot Syllabus, arrboot)
ArrBot: Downloading and Setting Up the Software (arduino, arrbot)
How to Buy a Genuine Nintendo Wii NunChuck (genuine, nintendo, nunchuck)
ArrBot: Nunchuck, Phase 1 ()
ArrBot: Class 3 Notes (ArrBot Syllabus, arrbot)
MacOS FTTI Installation (ftdi, mac, macos)
ArrBot: Dual Servo Calibration (ArrBot Syllabus, arrbot)
Nice LED/Resistor Calculator (led, led resistor calculator)
ArrBot: Assembling the Arduinos (ArrBot Syllabus, arrbot)
ArrBot Parts List (ArrBot Parts List, ArrBot Syllabus, arrbot)
ArrBot Class 2 Notes (ArrBot Syllabus, arrbot)
Soldering: Some Through-hole Counterexamples (soldering, soldering class)
Controlling AS3X with GEAR on the Radian UMX (as3x, umx radian)
3D Printer Checklist (3D Printing, Robotics Class)
ArrBot Class 1 Notes (arrbot, class notes)
SimplePDB (SimplePDB, power distribution)
ArrBot: Servo Tester (arrbot, servo tester)
Soldering Class, Success! (soldering class)
Things to Try: KCITSINIM Canard (KCITSINIM Plans)
EastBay RC Supports for AMA Response to the FAA (FAA, ama, asinine, regulation)
ArrBot Syllabus (ArrBot Syllabus, arrbot)
Introducing the ArrBot! (Manifesto, Pretentious Drivel, arrbot)
PC Board Fabrication (PC Board)
Coreless Motor for Eflite UMX Aircraft (motors, umx)
Dive Testing CG Position (cg, cog, flight tunining)
Cheap 2.4GHz Wireless with the nRF24L01 (arrbot, nRF24L01)
LED Lights for EPP Yak55 (leds)
Low Cost Servo City Crimping Tool (crimpers, servo city)
EastBay RC Guide to Soldering (soldering, soldering class, tutorial)
Small JST and Molex Connectors (_toc:Connector Mania)
EastBay RC Soldering Class Notes, Coming Soon! (soldering)
Switching AS3X off on UMX Radian (as3x, umx radian)
Prepping for Robotics Class (Robotics Class)
Engineer PA-09: Crimper for Micro Connections (connectors, crimpers)
UMX Radian, Maiden Flight ()
FAA Updating Interpretation of RC Regulations (FAA, regulations)
Chuck's New UMX Radian (fun fly, radian, umx radian)
Wind Resistant H Quad (h quad)
Great Video from Jeremy Vickery (fly-in, jeremy vickery, pixar)
9xr Pro Wiring Diagram (9xr pro, wiring)
joseico90's Workhorse H Quad ()
Nifty Taranis Model Notes (Taranis, model planner)
Downshooter Notes (downshooter)
ARC - the Alonso Robot Controller (alonso robotics controller)
Welcome to the Turnigy 9XR Pro, Video Tutorial Series (9xr pro, turnigy 9xr pro, tutorials)
How to be a happy early adopter (babbling, philosophy)
NutBall Aerobatics (nutball)
Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 8b: Audio Telemetry Warnings (Taranis, Welcome to Taranis)
Arduino Class (arduino, class, fun)
Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 9: Basic Speech (Taranis, Welcome to Taranis)
Splicing Servo Wires (hints, servos.)
Imperial Machine Screw Sizes. (measurements, reference)
Model Airplane News, Cover Scans (artwork, model airplane news)
Synchonizing Four ESCs At Once (esc, esc programming, setup)
Configuring the Mobius Gimbal (Brushless Gimbals, Mobius)
Nice Foamy Pushrods (push rod)
Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 8a: Basic Telemetry (Taranis, Welcome to Taranis)
Easy Prop Balancing (prop balancing)
CME Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, May 13, 2014 (cme-minutes)
Mobius Brushless Gimbal (Martinez BLG Controller, Mobius, blg)
Signature Edition OPQ! (build, crashcast, opq)
Taranis Speaker Upgrade (Taranis, speaker)
Workshop and Airplane Hangar (crashcast, workshop)
Some 3D Printed Stuff (3D Printing)
Andreas, the MacGyver of FPV (andreas, fpv)
Tecnacolor 19 Foot RC VectorKite, Flying Indoors! ()
Fatshark + MinimOSD Connection Diagram (fatshark, minimosd)
joseico90's WorkHorse H Quad (h quad, joseico90)
Lua Coming in OpenTX 2 ()
Some Interesting 9xr/OpenTx History ()
The East Bay Taranis Switch Wrench! (Taranis Wrench)
LiPo Battery Charging and Storage (lipo, safety)
On The Waterfront (autodesk, pier 9)
Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 7: Elevon Mixing (Taranis, Welcome to Taranis)
Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 6: Setting Up a Four Channel Plane (Taranis, Welcome to Taranis)
Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 5: Dual Rates and Expo (Taranis, Welcome to Taranis)
Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 4: Mixing, The Heart of Taranis (Taranis, Welcome to Taranis)
Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 3: Binding a D Series Receiver (Taranis, Welcome to Taranis)
Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 2: Binding an X Series Receiver ()
Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 1: Out of the Box (Welcome to Taranis)
Welcome to Taranis! Video Series Guide (Taranis, Welcome to Taranis)
CME Meeting Minutes, March 11, 2014 ()
EastBay RC at the Great Wall of Oakland! ()
East Bay Guide to Understanding PID Loops, Part 2 (pid tuning)
Things to Try: OSW the OneSheetWing (Things To Try)
East Bay Guide to Understanding PID Loops ()
Lemon-RX Stabilizer Notes (lemon-rx)
Andreas flies his new Skipper up at Tahoe (andreas, skipper)
Mobius Action Cam Notes (Mobius)
SD Card Formatter (memory cards)
Concord Model Engineers Meeting Minutes, Feb. 11, 2014 ()
Two Flying Boxes! (Things To Try, funny)
FrSky Products: Which to Get? (FrSky)
CP210x Drivers for Flip Boards (drivers, serial)
Noodle Copter Update (NoodleCopter)
Making a Continuous Rotation Servo (_toc:Servos, continuous rotation servos, howto)
Using the Spektrum DM9 module with Taranis and Turnigy 9xr (DM9, _toc:Taranis, _toc:Turnigy 9XR, spektrum)
Red Rover Notes (Robotics Class, robotics, rover)
Taranis Module Pin-Out (_toc:Taranis, _toc:Turnigy 9XR, _toc:Turnigy 9x, voltage)
Concord Model Engineers Minutes, January 14, 2014 (cme-minutes)
A Tale of Two Robots (robotics)
What's the wind look like? (Wind, interesting)
Taranis Battery Notes (Taranis, batteries)
Superfly Tuning ()
My Favorite RC Pilot (ardupilot, pilots)
HobbyKing PUMQ Notes (PUMQ)
Nice Looking Paint Finish on Foamies (painting)
None (Things To Try, foam)
Royal Aeronautical Society Library Catalogue (catalog, library, reference)
Jason's Homebrew APM Transmitter (3DR, Jason Short, radio)
CME Minutes, Nov 12, 2013 ()
HobbyKing 9XR Pro Notes ()
Minutes, Concord Model Engineers, October 8, 2013 (cme-minutes)
Taranis OpenTX Elevon Mixing (_toc:Elevons)
Concord Model Engineers, September 10, 2013 (cme-minutes)
Some Hovercraft Notes (hovercraft)
Small JST Connectors (_toc:Connector Mania, jst, jst-sh, jst-xh, jst-zh, molex, picoblade)
Report from the Walt Muciano Fly-In (control-line)
None (bixler, vtol)
Night Ops Success! (NoodleCopter)
DIY Handheld Hot Wire Cutter (DIY, Hot Wire)
Taranis Failsafe (Taranis, failsafe)
Neat looking foam model, CNC cut in sections ()
Taranis Binding - External DSM2 Module (Taranis, bind, dsm2)
Taranis Binding (Binding, Taranis)
Taranis/OpenTX: Programming Custom Switches ()
Taranis/OpenTX APM Mode Switches (Taranis, apm)
Tuesday Miscellanea (miscellanea)
Behold, The Noodle Copter! (NoodleCopter)
None (Taranis, audio)
Taranis: OpenTX Settings for OrangeRX module. (OrangeRX, opentx)
A Couple of Pictures from COSMOS (COSMOS)
One Minute Guide to DX6i Binding (Binding, dx6i, spektrum)
Great Amazon Metric Fastener Pages (amazon, fasteners, vendors)
Taranis Quick Unboxing and Overview ()
Are your 18650 Li-ion Batteries Fake? (18650, batteries)
Vibration Dampening Grommets (vibration)
PX4 Ar.Drone Settings (PX4, ar.drone)
Motor Thrust Measurement (Motor Thrust Jig, _toc:Testing)
Quick and Dirty Spray Booth (painting)
Great Time at the COSMOS Program! (COSMOS, speaking)
Pool Noodle Blade Guards (pool noodles, safety)
EastBay RC Distinguished Lecture at U.C. Davis (public appearance)
Nice Blue Wonder Motor Mod (blue wonder, joseico90)
Concord Model Engineers, Minutes for July 9, 2013 (cme-minutes)
Motor Mounts: First Try (3D Printing, Motor mounts)
The Fleet: Noodle Copter (NoodleCopter)
My Main Circuit Board Was Changed (Turnigy 9XR, customer service, funny, hobby king)
SMD LED's Seem Quite Small... (SMD, electronics, led)
Cheapie Office Copter (Office Copter, crashcast, ghetto)
Afro ESC -- SimonK/Timecop/HobbyKing Collaboration (AfroESC)
Fastener Grades. (_toc:Vendors, fasteners, metric)
Monday Miscellanea (miscellanea)
OpenTX: Setting A Six-Position Switch (companion9x, opentx)
KapteinKuk Tests His New Microquad (Micro Quad)
McMaster-Carr iPad App (ipad, parts)
Installing Companion9x on a Mac ()
OHD Finished and Flying! (OHD)
OHD Update, and Portrait of the Drone Maker as a Young Man (construction)
Small Scale Battery Soldering (batteries, dso nano, soldering)
Concord Model Engineers, Minutes, June 11, 2013 (cme-minutes, concord model engineers)
LemonRX Shrink Wrapping (LemonRX, spektrum)
Tracking Planes with an SDR (ADS-B, SDR)
Metric Fasteners, Great Price! (fasteners, metric)
EastBay RC Analysis of the Texas Drone Bill (legal, texas)
Brushless Gimbal Configuration and Operation (Martinez BLG Controller, _toc:BLG, gimbal)
RC Control of Canon Cameras (arduino, chdk)
Awesome drone picture. ()
Keychain Camera Notes (808, keychain cam)
Blue Sky RC MicroQuad (Blue Sky, Micro Quad, Things To Try)
Simple GPS Guide Autonomous Robot (robotics, rover)
EastBay RC on All Things That Fly Podcast! (attf)
EastBay RC on KBS "World Today" show (drones, eastbay rc, korean broadcasting)
Hobby King Voltage Regulators (ubec, voltage regulator)
RC Timer Brushless Gimbal Build Log (Brushless Gimbals, blg, rctimer.)
LemonRX Failsafe Notes (lemon-rx, receivers)
Drone vs. Drone! (video)
Vendor: APC Props (_toc:Vendors)
California Style Ultrabatics (slope soaring, soaring)
Micro-H Quad (MicroQuad, quadcopter)
Open Source Stabilization Software for OrangeRX RX3S (Open Source, RX3S, Stabilizer)
Power Off Dive Testing (cg, tuning)
SF Drones Startup Meeting Notes (Eric Cheng, sfdrones)
New Phantom Blade Guards (blade guard, dji, safety)
Module for Ladybird and other Walkera Units (ladybird, module, walkera)
Link Dump: Brushless Gimbals (Brushless Gimbals, Link Dump)
MAVLink Protocol Notes: Packet Decoding (MAVLink)
er9x: Elevon Mixing (good for Turnigy 9xr) (_toc:Elevons, _toc:er9x)
Some Bixler 2 Upgrades (_toc:Bixler 2)
3D Printer Software (3D Printing, software)
Bixler 2 Power System Upgrade (_toc:Bixler 2, _toc:Shopping)
RC Hovercraft at Instructables (Things To Try, hovercraft)
Metric Sizes at RTL Fasteners (_toc:Vendors, fasteners)
Two Bixler 2 Extended Motor Mounts (_toc:Bixler 2)
HD Keychain Cam Info (keychain cam, photography)
Thursday Miscellanea (airbrush, arduino, crimpers, gps, miscellanea)
F-22 Foam-Tac Repairs (_toc:F22, foam-tac, repairs)
New Downshooting Rig (_toc:Workshop, downshooter)
Pendulum-style Camera Mounts (ecilop, frames, glyder)
Makerbot News (_toc:Makerbot)
Things of Beauty (concord model engineers, things-of-beauty)
Adding some LEDs to the ArctiBaby (_toc:ArctiBaby, led, lights)
Notes on proposed Drone Legislation (legislation)
MakerBot Replicator 2 Notes (3D Printing, _toc:Makerbot)
Turnigy 9XR Programming Cable (_toc:Turnigy 9XR, atmel, programming)
er9x: uploading firmware (_toc:Turnigy 9XR, _toc:er9x)
Turnigy 9XR: Radio Calibration (_toc:Turnigy 9XR)
Turnigy 9XR with modules (_toc:Turnigy 9XR)
Aerotestra Hugo: New Features (aerotestra, hugo)
Turnigy 9x: Enspringing the THR stick (_toc:Turnigy 9x)
Turnigy 9/XR with FrSky Telemetry, Shopping List (9xr, _toc:FrSky)
What you need to know about ESD (esd, funny)
Prepping for ArctiRover(?) (arctirover, rcarduino)
Deshaker for Virtualdub ()
er9x Tutorial: Mixing (good for Turnigy 9xr) (_toc:Turnigy 9XR)
Micellanea (miscellanea)
Clever idea for Mode 1 / Mode 2 switching... (transmitter)
Flying in the Rain ()
Bending Depron/EPP with a Heat Gun (foam bending)
APM2.5 Case on Thingiverse (3D Printing, Thingiverse, apm)
Weekly Miscellania (joysticks, miscellanea)
It's a 3D world, and we're just printing in it! (Makerbot)
EzFly R3 Released! (EZFly, Fancy Foam, motorhead)
Got the ar.drone node.js stuff running! ()
Weekly Miscellanea (miscellanea)
Prince of Dubai's Impressive RC Hangar (3D Hobby Shop, Dubai)
Things To Try: the Nifty (Things To Try)
Things To Try: the Albatross (Albatross, Things To Try)
Nice MultiWii Boards (_toc:Vendors, multiwii)
Binding Spektrum DSM and Turnigy OrangeRX Receivers (Binding, OrangeRX, spektrum)
Source: FS-TH9X-B-Module +Antenna (_toc:Turnigy 9x, _toc:Vendors)
Ladybird Repairs (_toc:Ladybird, repair)
SMD LED Notes and Tester (SMD, led)
3D-printed Micro Quad (3D Printing)
3D-printed blade guards (3D Printing, ladybird, props)
EasyStar Aileron Dimensions (_toc:Easy Star)
How to point your Tx antenna (antenna, transmitter)
New Battery Bunker (batteries, charging, safety)
Attaching Props on the ArctiBaby (_toc:ArctiBaby)
Some quick er9x Notes (_toc:Turnigy 9x, er9x)
DSM2/DSMX JR Module, Turnigy 9x Compatible (DSMX, _toc:Turnigy 9x, dsm2)
er9x Success! (_toc:Turnigy 9x, er9x, sweet-smell-of-success)
Soldering Notes (beginners, soldering)
Champ STOL flaps (champ)
Walkera "Magic Cube" (Magic Cube, walkera)
12-battery 1S SuperCharger Completed (_toc:1S Batteries, charging)
Makerbot... must... resist... (Makerbot, Thingiverse, ladybird)
Arduino-based Variometer ()
Nice MOSFET Tutorial (MOSFET, _toc:Electronics)
Servo Board as Brushed ESC or LED controller (Hacking, servos)
Servo Anatomy, In Depth (_toc:Servos)
ArctiBaby Update: Rather Sweet Little Quad! (_toc:ArctiBaby)
East Bay Maker Faire Demo ()
Hello to East Bay Makers! ()
Nice Airbrush Paint: Glidden Eggshell Interior (airbrush)
EastBay RC at the East Bay Maker Faire! (announcement)
Warthox is an alien with supernatural powers! (amazing, warthox)
What's a "C Clip Support Thrust Collar"? (_toc:Zephyr II, motors)
FrSky CPPM Firmware Update ()
Interesting 4x20A ESC (_toc:power-distribution, esc)
SMD LED Sizes (electronics, led)
Electronics You Need To Get Started (beginners, parts)
Easy Star Stabilizer Repair (Easy Star, repair)
Quadrature Encoding Function (quadrature, robotics)
Telemetry Cable for the 3DRobotics Radio (_toc:3DR Radio, telemetry cable, todo)
Corrugated Carrying Cases (Supplies, boxes)
RC Micro World Free Trial (RC Micro World, plans)
Atmel Flashing Tool from HobbyKing (atmel, avr, flashing)
Zephyr II Bumper Scan (_toc:Zephyr II)
Disabling the built-in GPS on APM 2 (APM2, gps)
Zephyr II Battery Box (Battery Box, _toc:Zephyr II)
JST-DS Walkera 2-Pin Connector (_toc:Connector Mania, jst-ds)
Micro Deans Connectors (Micro Deans, _toc:Connector Mania)
Ladybird Dual Rates and Expo (Devo 7, Dual Rates, Expo, _toc:Ladybird)
SmartieParts -- one per Turnigy 9x? (SmartieParts, _toc:Turnigy 9x)
Arducopter "In The Air" Levelling (Levelling, _toc:Arducopter)
Weekly Miscellanea (miscellanea)
Ladybird Prop Bumper (Shield, _toc:Ladybird)
Micro JST connector sources. (Micro JST, _toc:Connector Mania)
Zii Battery Box (Zephyry II, zii)
Activating Camera Shutter via CHDK (canon, chdk, photography)
Super-Duper 12-cell, 3-format 1S Charger (_toc:1S Batteries, charging)
S107g helicopter control via Arduino (arduino, s107, syma)
EzFly on 2S LiPo (EZFly)
FlySky Compatible Transmitters (_toc:FlySky)
dave1993's $18 micro-quad (Things To Try, dave1993)
Turnigy 9x Elevon Mixing (_toc:Elevons, f22, turnigy 9x)
Test post for indexing (ALLCAPS, CamelCase, _toc:Testing, testing, testing spaces, testing-spaces)
A Genuine Spektrum Battery Case! (battery-storage)
Easily Measure 1S Battery Voltage (battery)
Swiss Flying Sites ()
Video For Making 1S Batteries ()
Maya Camera Control With Arduino-Based Sensors (_toc:Arduino, maya, pixar)
Ladybird motor repaired! (ladybird, repair)
Walkera - DEVO Tx, Hoten-X (devo, hoten, ladybird, walkera)
What laminate for Zephyr II? (_toc:Zii)
Weekly Roundup of Miscellaneous Stuff ()
Some Foamy Scratch-Build Links ()
Twelve Feet of Power! (_toc:Workshop)
Some ideas for FPV goggles + glasses ()
DDT500 Direct Drive Tilt System ()
Balsa source for Zii aileron ()
AeroNaut folding props at Atlanta Hobby ()
Nifty Bungee Launcher ()
EzFly Maiden (EZFly, The Fleet, maiden)
Interesting stuff on Turnigy 9XR (updated 12/24) (_toc:Turnigy 9XR)
1917 Aviation Infographic ()
Black Sheep Eats Tasty Crow (andreas, awesomeness, build, quad, trappy)
Some Ladybird notes (ladybird, walkera)
Travelling with model aircraft and LiPo batteries (lipo, lithium, travel)
Processing/Arduino Serial Communications (arduino, processing, serial)
Checking out ArduCopter 2.6 (FrSky, arducopter, failsafe, turnigy 9x)
Some FrSky docs (_toc:FrSky, documentation)
Prop Reaming for HobbyKing Micro Quad ()
Mixing THRO to ELEV on DX6i (dx6i, mixing)
EasyCap Notes (easycap)
Walkera QR Ladybird now at HK! (ladybird, walkera)
Turnigy 9x module-less, and available modules ()
Short clip of recent DIY Drones Fly-in (diydrones, fly-in)
Andreas builds us a a pair of F22 Raptor foamies (The Fleet, _toc:F22, building)
Building ArduPilot Mega on Mac (apm, compiliation, mac)
Zephyr II and ArduPilot Layout (apm, zii)
Aerial view of KGO interview (kgo, reporting)
Zeiss Cinemizer goggles (goggles)
Some East Bay Magnetic Declination Numbers (magnetism)
Is it foggy in the Bay? (east bay, fog)
Andreas' Heavy Lift Quad Tests (andreas, heavy-lift)
Zii Battery Tray by Team Blacksheep (battery tray, trappy, zii)
Thursday Miscellanea (miscellanea)
Imperial Screw Sizing (imperial, metric, unified thread)
Build-a-Quad Kit (parts, quad, turnigy 9x)
Awesome Hex by Andreas! (andreas, awesome, hexacopter)
RCTimer ESC's easily flashable (esc, esc programming, flashing)
Humor Break (funny)
Miles of Free Servo Wire! (connectors, ethernet, servos)
LiFe battery in a 4x2x2 battery compartment (LiFe, batteries, power, receiver, turnigy 9x)
Some Quad Gimbal Links (camera mount, gimbal)
Strain Relief Carrier for 3DR Ground Module (_toc:3DR Radio, case)
RangeVideo 1.3GHz Video TX-RX (camera, fpv, rangevideo)
Review: Open Source Cardboard Boxes (boxes)
Setting the Network Address on the 3DR air radio (_toc:3DR Radio)
Review: 3DR 900MHz Radio (_toc:3DR Radio)
iPhone/Android RC Control (iphone, radio, wifi)
Six-position APM switch for Turnigy 9x (_toc:Turnigy 9x, apm)
CHDK Notes (camera, chdk, photography)
3.3V PSU Update (build-log, power, psu)
GoPro FPV Video Cables (cable, fpv, gopro)
Wall Street Journal Article (article, wsj)
Three Dollar Wattmeter (ghetto, watt-meter)
Arctibaby and APM2 (MicroQuad, _toc:ArctiBaby, apm)
Two nifty vendors of tape and heatshrink (heat-shrink, tape, toc:Vendors)
Hobbyking Micro-Quad build, part 3 (Build Log, Turnigy Microquad, _toc:ArctiBaby)
Superfly Canopies and Battery Holders (canopy, superfly)
Flying wing CG calculator (building, cg, wing)
We're featured in a nice AP Drone article! ()
Turnigy Micro-Quad build, part 2 (Build Log, Turnigy Microquad, _toc:ArctiBaby)
Turnigy Micro-Quad build, part 1 (Build Log, Turnigy Microquad, _toc:ArctiBaby)
Post #500! ()
FrSky Voltage Monitor, with OLED screen (FrSky, voltage)
Prop Slot noise reduction (noise, prop slot)
Sunny Screen Update (sunny-screen)
APM: the East Bay Standard Configuration (ardupilot-mega, configuration, turnigy 9x)
Video TX/RX fiddling (video)
FrSky installed, 9x module rejiggered (_toc:FrSky, _toc:Turnigy 9x, module)
Step Down PSU, 3.3v, 5v, 9v, 12v (power, psu)
Zephyr II glued up! (zephyr, zii)
Outdoor Screen Mod -- prototype (ground-control, laptop, outdoor screen)
Zephyr II bay measurements (zephyr ii, zii)
Multiplatform XBee Configurator (moltosenso, xbee)
eCalc propCalc -- Propeller Calculator! (motors, power)
Notes for KapteinKUK PI Tuning Guide (kapteinKUK, pid tuning)
A nice UAV radio transmitter (radio)
New Superfly! (superfly, the-fleet)
Kicking off the Zephyr II build! (build-log, zephyr ii, zii)
Sky Stick -- what to do with your Busted Hawk Sky (ghetto, hawk sky)
Art of Electronics book (books, electronics)
Open Source Lipo Charger (charging, hardware, lipo)
Sony 600TVL Super HAD board camera for FPV ()
BidProduct Crimping Tools (bidproduct, crimp tool, crimping)
Zephyr II launching notes (launching, zephyr ii, zii)
X468 Flame Gear Camera Mt For GoPro (camera, gopro, mount)
Stencils for Cloverleaf Antennas (antenna, cloverleaf, stencil)
XBee thinks it's a Mouse on Windows... (mouse, xbee)
Arduino class notes, class 3 (arduino, arduino-class)
Slope Soaring with HZ Champ (champ, soaring)
Arduino class notes, class 2 (arduino-class)
Logic Shrimp logic analyzer (electronics, logic analyzer, logic shrimp, seed)
DIY FPV Goggles Update (fpv, ghetto)
Arduino class notes, class 1 (arduino, arduino-class, class)
Update: Night Vapor Batteries (batteries, night vapor, update)
DIY FPV helmet, Part 1 (fpv, ghetto, helmet)
HAM testing info (ham, radio)
ScrtSqrl's EasyStar outrunner mod (easystar)
SMT overview (electronics, smt, soldering)
Adding MP3 to your project (arduino, electronics, mp3)
Upgrading Assan GA250 (assan, ga250, upgrade)
Aeryon Scout used to help guide tanker to Nome (aeryon, commercial, news, quad, scout)
Interesting Laminating Idea (decorating, laminating)
FPV equipment ordered from RangeVideo (fpv, rangevideo)
FrSky Stuff (_toc:FrSky)
Please Be Careful! (safety)
FrSky Notes (_toc:FrSky, _toc:Turnigy 9x)
Drone Downed in Stormy Sea, Rescued by Daredevil Sailor! (ardupilot, zephyr, zii)
daemon-style i-beams for SkyWalker (daemon, reinforcement, skywaker, wing)
Hooking up a high voltage relay ()
New Quad Prop Source (props)
A whole lot of Arduino and Robotics links! (arduino, robotics)
Windlock Foam Cutting Tool ()
Servo Extension Arms for 3D Foamies (_toc:Servos, foamies, leadfeather)
A couple of ideas for foamy cutout skids ()
Quad laser motor balancing (balancing, laser, motor, quad)
Layer Lens -- GoPro lens cover (fpv, gopro, layer lens, protection)
Two quad prop guards (blade guard, quadcopter)
Build Update -- Arcticopter III (arcticopter, arcticopter iii)
Avroto 2814-11 notes (avroto, avroto 2814, motor)
ArudpilotMega2 + Arcticopter III maiden ()
Using a DSO Nano oscilloscope to troubleshoot APM ()
APM2 indoor maiden and simple mode test ()
The Unbearable Lightness of Universal Serial Busses (USB, cables)
DS1307 Real Time Clock (arduino, clock, i2c)
Quad EPS blade protection (blade guard, quadcopter, safety)
DSO Nano 2 Oscilloscope notes (dso nano, oscilloscope)
Handy Glue Tip (adhesive, glue, workshop)
xbee attempted unbricking and troubleshooting (troubleshooting, xbee)
CF Reinforcement for Skywalker Wings (reinforcement, skywalker)
ArduPilot Mega 2, Initial install notes ()
H Gantry design (h-gantry, mechanical)
My Farm Fresh Quad Helmet (helmet, led, quadcopter)
Some Spectrum Analysis and RF Resources from Agilent (agilent, spectrum analysis)
Ritewing Zephyr II + Ardupilot Maiden (ardupilot, beast of kandahar., maiden, ritewing, zephyr, zephyr ii, zii)
The IOCCC Flight Simulator (flight simulator, ioccc)
Adding Failsafe to the Turnigy 9x transmitter with Autopilot ()
Microdan motor for EZ* and related planes (microdan, motor, things-to-try)
The Birth of Arduino ()
Elevon Gyro Stabilization (_toc:Elevons, gyro)
My SparkFun Signature Edition Solder Fan (soldering, workshop)
Troubleshooting my xbee (troubleshooting, xbee)
er9x upgrade notes (er9x, turnigy 9x)
Getting started on Arduino: what to buy and where (arduino)
Maiden Flight, Andreas' Zephyr II (andreas, maiden, zephyr, zii)
Ye Olde Workshoppe (_toc:Workshop, rambling)
NAPA autoparts power distribution (power-distribution)
Ardweeny -- tiny little Arduino (arduino, ardweeny)
Vibration Isolators, Industrial Strength (vibration-isolation)
Vibration Isolators (vibration-isolation)
KapteinKUK's flying VTOL bottle (kapteinKUK, things-to-try)
an Arduino sketch for transmitter tuning (arduino, transmitter, tuning, turnigy 9x)
Attaching an FTDI connector to an Arduino (arduino, ftdi)
A Handy Sticker for my Charger (charging)
Thera-Band Prop Saver bands (_toc:Prop Saver, theraband)
Arcticopter IV power loading (arcticopter, motor, power)
HobbyKing KKBoard Notes ()
MultiWii Camera Test ()
Crazy-J's rather nifty GoPro gimbal (crazy-j, gimbal)
Night Vapor Improvements (night vapor)
Arcticopter IV indoor maiden (arcticopter)
Encyclopedia of RC Foam (depron, epo, eps, foam, vendors)
Theraband Data (Prop Saver, Vibration Isolation, _toc:Theraband, vibration)
Some MultiWii links (arcticopter, multiwii)
LiFe battery in Turnigy 9x (LiFe, _toc:Turnigy 9x)
GoPro FPV Setup (cables) (fpv, gopro, wiring)
The Servo Database (resource, servos)
APM carrier for Hawk Sky and related planes (arctiflyer, ardupilot, construction, rather-nifty-if-i-do-say-so-myself)
Spherical flyer from japan (object-of-intense-desire)
Article on PID tuning (pid, quadcopter)
Sugru: repairing DX6i charger port (_toc:Sugru, dx6i, repair)
Sugru: repairing macbook feet (_toc:Sugru, repair)
What's a "400" size motor? ()
DragonPlate Carbon Fiber (carbon-fiber)
Motor Balancing (howto, motors)
EasyStar upgrade (easystar)
By The Numbers: LiFe batteries (LiFe, batteries, by-the-numbers)
xbee causing odd servo jittering in APM? (ardupilot, xbee)
Xoar Props -- big and wooden (props)
Nice airbrushing (airbrush, painting, superfly)
FTDI and AVR cables (atmel, avr, ftdi)
cheap lightweight battery for Night Vapor (batteries, custom-made, night vapor, soldering)
Turnigy 9x Trainer Mode (trainer, turnigy 9x)
Quad Dome from Electronic Goldmine (dome, parts, quadcopter)
Nice rule of thumb for COG testing (beginner, center-of-gravity)
Wireless Simulator/Trainer Port - update ()
XBee APM Overview (arctiflyer, ardupilot, beginner, xbee)
Oddness in APM mission planner KML conversion? (apm, bug-report)
First test of APM auto mode: Drone Status Achieved! (arctiflyer, ardupilot, sweet-smell-of-success)
Notes on reflashing ESC firmware (avr, esc, programming)
Very light power distribution (power-distribution)
3/32 styrene tube good for Vapor repairs (repair, vapor)
Build a cheap Champ? (champ)
Some small JST and Molex connectors (connector-mania)
12V DC power stepup module (electronics, equipment, power)
Vendor: ReadyMadeRC (bixler, readymaderc, sky surfer, toc:Vendors)
Flight Rules (funny)
ardupilot xbee module notes (ardupilot, build notes, xbee)
Using a LiPo in a Turnigy 9X radio (battery, turnigy 9x)
APM Success! (apm, arctiflyer, ardupilot)
APM Control Surface Tests (apm, ardupilot-mega, control-surfaces, testing)
A nice diagram for prop orientation (beginners, props, thrust)
LiPo Battery Voltage numbers (by-the-numbers, lipo)
Aileron Motion (ailerons, beginners)
First Try with APM (apm, arctiflyer, ardupilot mega)
John Bernard's Power Distribution (power-distribution)
Wireless Trainer Port (dx6i, trainer, transmitter, turnigy 9x)
Motor balancing in addition to prop balancing (motor, quadcopter, vibration)
Anti-vibration fasteners (fasteners, quadcopter, vibration)
Some tiny Futaba Connectors (connector-mania)
Every kind of micro connector imaginable. (_toc:Vendors, connector-mania)
EasyStar Brushless Outrunner (easystar)
Interesting battery wiring guide (lipo, wiring)
All about lipo balance connectors (connector-mania, lipo)
TJinGuy's great website (electronics, websites)
CrazyJ's new FPV all-in-one ground station box (fpv)
Beacon Foam-Tac Glue (adhesive, building, foam-tac)
Resistor Mod, fix for Turnigy 9x trainer port (turnigy 9x)
Trainer Switch mod for Turnigy 9x (_toc:Turnigy 9x, trainer)
ScrtSqrl's cheap pan-only, crazy-simple, zero-drift Head Tracker (fpv, genius, ghetto, head-tracker)
A nice quad stand (dex, quadcopter, stand)
ZipZepp: pro level AP platform (photography, things-to-try)
Vendor: Monto RC (_toc:Vendors)
RadicalRC Stinger Kit (arcticopter, arcticopter 2, radicalrc)
Replacement Tripod Mount (ghetto, photography, tripod)
3/8 inch is almost 10mm (radicalrc)
Power Distribution Spider (power-distribution)
An interesting GPS guided vehicle. (gps, navigation, robotics)
Remzibi OSD (osd)
Motor Math and Propeller Basics (motors, props, technical)
Elevon / V-Tail Mixing Calculations (_toc:Elevons, servos, technical)
Getting a ham radio technician's license (fpv, ham)
Spektrum Dx6i $5 backlight mod (backlight, spektrum, todo)
Bidproduct has tiny parts (_toc:Vendors, building, parts, tiny)
Wing Dihedral Calculation (construction, dihedral)
Blu Baby Control Rods (blu-baby, construction, control-rods)
The Fleet: Arcticopter II (arcticopter, arcticopter 2, arcticopter ii, the-fleet, todo)
Elevon / V-Tail Mixing (_toc:Elevons, servos, v-tail)
Arcticopter II: test videos (arcticopter, quadcopter, radicalrc)
Arcticopter II: Build part 2 (arcticopter, quadcopter, radicalrc)
Arcticopter II: Build part 1 (arcticopter, quadcopter, radicalrc)
Blade mSR notes (blade msr, helicopter, the-fleet)
Idea: ArduPilot Differential GPS (arducopter, ardupilot, gps, idea, stability)
Turnigy 9x mixing for ArduPilot Mega (_toc:Turnigy 9x, ardupilot, mixing)
Ardupilot Mega 2.1, Happy Killmore Ground Control (ardupilot, ground-control, turnigy 9x)
My Servo Testbed (servos, testing)
The Fleet: Hawk Sky Notes (hawk sky, the-fleet)
Gyro in Plane Notes (gyros, todo)
cheap 5/8 inch square stock at Home Depot (aeroquad, arcticopter, rcexplorer)
Blade mSR: Motor Replacement (blade msr, motor, msr, repair)
EasyStar Rudder Mod (construction, easystar, rudder)
Radical RC Quad Kit, part 1 (quadcopter, radicalrc)
Repairing an AeroQuad motor mount (aeroquad, arcticopter, rcexplorer, repair)
Sailflow wind report (Berkeley, Wind)
Ardupilot Mega with Ardupirate-NG, software test (arcticopter, ardupilot, quadcopter, sweet-smell-of-success)
Hooray, Ardupilot Mega 2.0-Beta works under VMware! (arcticopter, ardupilot, sweet-smell-of-success)
Hooray, Ardupilot Mega hooked up via VMWare on Mac! (arcticopter, ardupilot, sweet-smell-of-success)
FPV flight 2 (fpv)
Adding a 3-position switch to a transmitter (switch, transmitter)
Update: Wago Connector for Power Distribution (power-distribution, wago)
About Me (about)
Turnigy 9x notes (_toc:Turnigy 9x)
HobbyKing Quadcopter Frame V1 build instructions (hobby king, quadrocopter)
arr, it's the ardupirates! (arducopter, ardupirates)
Setting up the Ardupilot software (arducopter, ardupilot)
The R/C Soaring Guide (soaring)
First FPV flight! (fpv)
Some Arcticopter 1 repairs (arcticopter)
HowTo: Using a crimping tool, part 1 (crimping, electronics)
Arcticopter 1: Maiden Flight (arcticopter, quadrocopter, sweet-smell-of-success)
A Closer Look at the ArduPilot Mega (arcticopter, arducopter, ardupilot)
Surface Mounted Resistor Codes (electronics, resistors)
LadyAda electronics tool kits (electronics, tools)
Okto new tests with new gimbal on Vimeo (gimbal, mikrocopter)
GoldGuy's Flight Toolkit (toolbox, tools)
A great solder project (electronics, soldering)
Connector Mania: JST-RCY (connector mania, connector-mania, jst, jst-rcy)
F1D - How One Gets Built (f1d, things-of-beauty)
Balls of Steel -- FPV Fireworks edition (balls-of-steel, fireworks, fpv)
Free Flight at Concord Model Engineers Fun Fly (concord-model-engineers, free-flight, penny-plane, todo)
Float Documentary (float, free-flight, movie, penny-plane)
Connectors: a guest editorial (connector mania, connector-mania, editorial)
howto: bind a transmitter and receiver (bind, dsm2, howto, procedure)
Crimping Connectors (connector mania, connector-mania, crimping, jst, servos)
Let There Be Light (Emitting Diodes)! (arcticopter, led, lights, todo)
Bay Area UAV Flyers (club, diydrones)
Ardupilot Mega arrived from uDrones today! (arcticopter, ardupilot)
Cubelets: "smart robotics construction cubes" (object-of-intense-desire, robotics)
EC5/4xEC3 power distribution harness (power-distribution)
Extending the motor wires (arcticopter, soldering)
Some rcexplorer kkboard dimensions (arcticopter, kapteinKUK, rcexplorer)
GoldGuy fixes flex fabulously (building, flexing, goldguy)
Building Light... (building, tallguysd)
test of flikr (scratch, todo)
EasyStar Brushless Notes and Shopping List (ardupilot, easystar, shopping list)
KK Board arrived from Sweden! (arcticopter)
RC Eye Candy (eye-candy)
Pololu - Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller (Assembled) (controller, product, servos)
Mikro: A New 1000mm Quad Copter Design (quadrocopter)
Assembling the AeroFPV frame (arcticopter, todo)
an Arduino product idea (arduino, electronics, get-rich-quick)
Ardupilot for Beginners (ardupilot, todo)
prepping ESCs, motors, PDU (arcticopter)
An Idea for a Safe Lipo Charger (batteries, charging, safety)
A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever (arcticopter, things-of-beauty)
Maveric UAS (model, nifty)
Balls of Steel, Scorpion Motor Edition (balls-of-steel, motors, scorpion)
Arcticopter I build log 1 -- getting started (arcticopter, build-log)
Hot glue gun and sticks (equipment, todo)
Concord Model Engineers (club, concord model engineers, site)
Softboxes on the cheap... (photography)
the Shrediquette -- impressive tricopter (multicopter, shrediquette, tricopter)
jDrones, "making UAV's and aerial robotics easy and affordable" (aluminum, arducopter, quadrocopter)
Metals Depot- Buy Small Quantity Metal Online! Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Brass (aluminum, metal, multicopter, vendor)
Predicting motor rotation direction (motors, todo, unanswered)
e-Station charging software and driver (batteries, charging, software)
rcgroups urls for posts and threads (rcgroups)
rcexplorer kk build guide released (arcticopter, kapteinKUK, multicopter, rcexplorer)
Blog Reorganizing (blogging)
Starting the Arcticopter I (arcticopter)
Arcticopter Project Overview (arcticopter)
Kicking off the Arcticopter! (arcticopter)
two nice articles in portugese (place holder)
RangeVideo!, Wireless video solutions. (_toc:Vendors, fpv)
What CPU for Real Flight g5.5 Need computer Gurus help! - RC Groups (Computer, Real Flight, Simulation)
$2 quad frame! (frame, ghetto, quadrocopter)
Power Distribution via screw terminals (power-distribution)
ArduCopter power distribution PCB for Quad setup (power-distribution)
Drawing for a simple Power Distribution Board (power-distribution)
cncguns power distribution board (power-distribution)
ghetto PC board: sand off the copper layer! (ghetto, power-distribution)
off-the-shelf Power Distribution boards and harnesses (power-distribution)
Using XT60's for power distribution (power, power-distribution)
WAGO 222-415 connector for power distribution (connector mania, connector-mania, power, power-distribution, quadrocopter)
Virgis21's very stable flight video (fpv)
Forget FPV! (balls-of-steel, motors)
Attaching 4mm bullet connectors. (4mm bullet, connector mania, connector-mania)
Replacing an ar.drone parrot battery (ar.drone, batteries, parrot)
Custom connectors (connector mania, connector-mania)
Lots of doo-dads and containers (building, parts)
MultiWii (multicopter, multiwii)
GoldGuy's hints for fixing flex (building, carbon-fiber, flexing)
Killbucket's Flybar replace (flybar, helicopter, repair)
A nice place to fly: Hexacopter in Cameroon / Africa on Vimeo (fpv, multicopter, photography)
Push Rods Revisted (construction, push rod)
Some nice aerial videos (fpv, video)
KKmulticopter links (kapteinKUK, multicopter)
UFO Camera quadrotor (multicopter, quadrocopter)
Hacking the I2C interface of Spektrum DX and AR ? (radio, spektrum)
Heavy-Lift HexaCopter (multicopter)
Quad 016.jpg by Mikro - RC Groups (quadrocopter)
Matt Gunn Aerial Photography (photography)
Mylar of all kinds (materials, mylar)
Great deal on Blenderm tape (blenderm, building, tape)
Piranha and Homemade 3S 240mAh lipo battery (batteries, piranha)
KK MultiCopter Worldwide Shop (multicopter)
2 Pairs of 90mm Main Rotor Blades/Wings for S107 3D RC Helicopter Red Top Quality (DELETEME)
RC Groups - View Single Post - Syma s107 Helicopter ()
tiny 2.4GHz Receivers (dsm2, receiver)
Wiring multi-cell batteries (batteries)
Park Flyer control rod: 1/32'' (build)
RC Balls of Steel, Gabriel2584 Edition (balls-of-steel, fpv, video)
Aerial RC shots of Hong Kong ()
Connector Chart (connector mania, connector-mania)
CHEAP BATTERY PACKS (CheapBatteryPacks.com) Wholesale Battery pack source search.asp() ()
RC Groups - View Single Post - Fans of Flite Test Corner (Non show specific) ()
Electricity ()
[Bare PCB] Arduino ProtoShield [Bare PCB] Arduino ProtoShield [BPC004] - $2.50 : iStore, Make Innovation Easier (arduino, electronics)
[Bare PCB] Arduino ProtoShield [Bare PCB] Arduino ProtoShield [BPC004] - $2.50 : iStore, Make Innovation Easier ()
Standalone Arduino mini pin mapping | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (arduino, electronics)
Bare Bones Board Kit | Modern Device (arduino, electronics)
The Basics - Very Basic Circuits (electronics)
RC Groups - View Single Post - Max Ceiling? ()
Vendor: ImmersionRC (fpv, vendor)
BEV-FY-20A II Flight Stabilization System (autonymous, flight control)
Airspace Notes (airspace, general aviation)
Teensy USB Development Board (electronics)
BaronPilot Arduino based copilot autostabilizer with Nintendo Wii component (tricopter, quadcopter) (multicopter)
NerdKits -- another approach to embedded electronics. (electronics)
Resistor Lead Forming Tool (electronics)
more arduino resources. (electronics)
Brushless Motor Timing ()
Shop 3M: 3M Blenderm Tape 1525-1 (Supplies, blenderm)
San Francisco Bay Area - Soarheads (Berkeley, Soarheads, club)
Downloads ()
Servo Protocol Notes (hardware, servos)
600TVL High Resolution 1/3 SONY Color CCD Chipset PCB Board Camera (camera, fpv)
Indoor fun with a tiny ArduCopter quadcopter - DIY Drones (arduino, quadrocopter)
YouTube - How to make a Servo Controller (electronics, servos)
Woodland Aero Modelers (Clubs, Woodland)
Lessons In Electric Circuits ()
EagleWing--strong EPO built [BEV-EagleWing EPO]- US$75.00 - BIRD'S EYE VIEW (fpv, model)
Gyros 101: Make your model fly better | Model Airplane News | Find Articles at BNET ()
Willar ME850 AVR programming system (avr, electronics)
RC Newbie Rules ()
AR Drone Flyers.com - View topic - Night Flight (ar.drone, lights, night flying, parrot)
Electronics for Radio Control Models (electronics)
Peak Servo Current Tests (electronics, servos)
The Pantheon by David Moore ()
Differential ailerons (ailerons, building)
what is DEPRON (building, depron)
Depron Foam - Technical Information (building, depron)
Untitled Page (UAV, fpv)
RC Glossary ()
Draganflyer X4 Four Rotor UAV Helicopter Aerial Video Platform (draganflyer, quadrocopter, things-to-try)
See How It Flies (book, flying, tutorial)
Vendor: FOXTECH FPV SYSTEM (fpv, vendor)
Dollar RC Parts servo extensions connectors wires plugs wheels ()
The Fleet: H-7, EZFlyer (the-fleet)
Vendor: Strong RC Motors (vendor)
Vendor: Heads Up RC (vendor)
vendor: RCTimer (vendor)
Basic Servo Motion (servos)
The Fleet: H-6, Nutball 17 (the-fleet)
Balancing servo throws (construction)
EZ-Pod Kit [PT-EZ] : RangeVideo!, Wireless video solutions. ()
The Fleet: H-1, Superfly (the-fleet)
quadrotor instructable ()
R/C PPM hacked - Hack a Day ()
Notes on prop pitch (technical)
Simply Brilliant Hot Wire Cutter Power Supply (build, hot-wire, technical)
BSD Micro - Small Plane Resources ()
The Vapor - cRAsH's Photos (vapor, video)
Downloadable Instruction Manuals ()
A nice explanation of PPM radio signals (technical)
Vendor: RCTimer Online RC Store (vendor)
Notes on cutting BluBaby 33 (build notes)
Concord Model Engineers ()
Pager Motors (motors, pager)
Nice online trig calculator (calculator)
Things I'd like to try: The Simple Delta (things-to-try)
Things I'd like to try: The OmniWing (paper plane, things-to-try)
Vendor: FlyingFoam.com (vendor)
Bluetooth GPS Logger (gps)
Plantraco: Really Small Planes! ()
Making a Carbon Fiber Push Rod (instructions, push rod, university)
Giant Cod guides (battery, beginner)
Connector Mania: All Kinds of Connectors (connector mania, connector-mania)
Connector Mania: Deans to XT converters (connector mania, connector-mania)
HowTo: Using a Watt Meter (electronics, howto, watt-meter)
Connector Mania: JST-XH (battery, connector mania, connector-mania)
Connector Mania: T Connectors, aka Deans Ultra (connector mania, connector-mania, university)
Things I'd like to try: Parrot AR.Drone (quadrocopter, things-to-try)
Arducopter project on google code (UAV, quadrocopter)
Things I'd like to try: Gaui 330X-S QuadCopter (multicopter)
Nice Aerial Photography (multicopter, photography, video)
Vendor: RCTiger Motor (vendor)
ESC with data recording capability (esc, programming)
Porco Rosso was a manga! (porco rosso)
Porco Rosso to fly again! (porco rosso)
All about wattmeters (tools)
Two Chinese Manufacturers (manufacturer)
Note on reprogramming ESC's for tricopter (esc programming)
Improving connectivty of T Connectors (Deans clones) (building, connector mania, connector-mania)
Ingenious Landing Gear (building, landing gear, technique)
Reselling Hobby King Assan Micro Linear Servos (hobby king, vendor)
Vendor: RC Connectors (parts, vapor, vendor)
Power Guidelines (motors, power)
Things I'd like to try: The Tuffy (things-to-try, tuffy)
Variable Pitch prop system (4d, vpitch)
Nifty night-flying kites in Singapore (night flying)
WASP - WiFi Aerial Surveillance Platform (UAV)
Changing an Outrunner Motor Shaft (motors, tutorial)
Things I'd like to try: The NutBall (model, things-to-try)
Heads Up RC Brushless Motor Guide (motors, tutorial)
Adding a 1S lipo to a KeyCam (photography, tutorial)
Things I'd like to try: The Cheap and Easy (cheap and easy, things-to-try)
The legendary Blue Wonder motor (motors)
Things I'd like to try: Simple Delta (simple delta, things-to-try)
Tricopter build linkage (quadrocopter, tricopter)
RC receiver to digital output converter (receiver, technical)
Kline-Fogelman airfoil thread (kline-fogelman airfol, technical)
Things I'd like to try: Polaris Seaplane Parkflyer (polaris, things-to-try, water flyer)
Things I'd like to try: Gym-Blu (dome-blu, gym-blu, things-to-try)
Vendor: Radical RC (vendor)
TxDuino -- controlling a Futaba transmitter via PC (automation, technical)
Stick movement and Control Surfaces (construction)
Field Finder (fields)
Three Hinge Methods (technique)
Atrium Measurements (measurements)
Introducing Radiocontrolpedia (information)
Amphibious Quadracopters! (inspiration, quadrocopter)
Things I'd like to try: Miscellaneous Glider Models (glider, plans, things-to-try)
Controlling Servos (servos, technical)
Things I'd like to try: Polaris Seaplane Parkflyer (things-to-try)
Things I'd like to try: The Twins (things-to-try)
Things I'd like to try: 3.9m Composite UAV (UAV, dreaming, things-to-try)
Leading UAV, and RC model imitations. ()
Dx6i Elevon Mixing for SuperFly (_toc:Elevons, dx6i, radio, superfly)
FY20A Stabilizer (autopilot, fpv, fy20a, osd)
HobbyKing Orange Micro DSM2 Receiver (receiver, technical)
Things I'd like to try: David Wing "glider" (david, things-to-try)
Nice bamboo skewer pushrod (bamboo, equipment, push rod)
Great deals on Dremel Parts (dremel, vendor)
Interesting PDF plans (educational, plans)
New Foam Vendor: Foamy Depot (foam, vendor)
RC Powers Bundles (equipment, vendor)
good price on heat shrink tubing. (equipment, vendor)
East Bay Places to Fly (places)
Popular Small Servos (equipment, servos)
Fan Fold Foam: some information (materials)
Hobby King 4-Ch 2.4Ghz Radio and Receiver (hobby king, howto, radio)
Safety First: Props and Fingers (safety)
Basic RC Electronics (beginner, electronics)
Build A Flying Wing For Less Than $5 | The Hobby Guy (instructions)
Planes I'd like to try: The REVERT fastest build flat sloper wing (model, revert, things-to-try)
Simplest Hot Wire Cutter (hot-wire, tools)
Transmitter: Mode 1 vs. Mode 2? (beginner, radio)
Interesting uses for autonomous flyers (interesting-uses)
By The Numbers: Brushless Motors (by-the-numbers, motors)
Things I'd like to try: Origami Hang Glider (model, origami-hang-glider, things-to-try)
Connector Mania: Bullet Plugs (connector mania, connector-mania, university)
DX7/AR7000/AR6100 Range Test (dsm2)
jargon: "specking out" (jargon)
XT60 Connectors (connector mania, connector-mania)
DIY Drones (autonymous, fpv, resource)
RCSkyFlyer (rcskyflyer, vendor)
Things I'd like to fly: Jeff's Foam Pizza Box Flyer (things-to-try)
Vendor: sdparkflyers.com (toc:Vendors)
A fine looking balsa plane (balsa, build-log)
Sdparkflyers.com - How to Build a EPP foam type Radio Control plane. ()
WAVEosSCOPE -- free Doppler Shift speed analyzer (software)
Deans Plugs, aka T Plugs, and Bullet Connectors (beginner, connector mania, connector-mania)
Things I'd like to fly: The $1 Cheap-n-Easy (things-to-try)
Maiden Flight: Night Vapor ()
How to replace a bind plug? (technical)
DSM2 specification details (dsm2, technical)
Some quadrocopter links (quadrocopter)
Want To Fly: MikroKopter (things-to-try)
Aerobatic how-tos (education)
Interesting uses for bamboo skewers (clever, ghetto, parts)
Things I'd like to fly: cheap Hovering Machine (things-to-try)
Planes I'd like to try: RCPowers Extra 300 (things-to-try)
Vendor: Value Hobby (toc:Vendors)
RangeVideo OSD (fpv)
Things I'd like to try: Lightflight Bug (things-to-try)
Connector Quest (beginner, connector mania, connector-mania)
Kline-Fogleman Airfoiled Flying Wing (education)
Electronics (education, electronics)
Things I want to try: Blu-Baby (blu-baby, things-to-try)
Bullet Plugs (connector mania, connector-mania)
By The Numbers: ESC (by-the-numbers, esc)
By The Numbers: Batteries (batteries, by-the-numbers)
By The Numbers: Props (by-the-numbers, props)
By The Numbers: Servos (by-the-numbers, servos)
Superfly Art Inspiration (superfly)
Ordered LIPO bags (lipo, purchase, safety)
alameda hornets squadron (club)
Superfly Build Log (build-log, model, superfly)
Mini Camera Plane (camera, model)
Vendors Compendium (todo, vendor)
Interesting Models Compendium (compendium)
Night Vapor Compendium (compendium)
Simulator Compendium (compendium)
DSM2 Compendium (compendium)
Superfly Compendium (compendium, model, superfly)
RC Organizations with Nice Websites (club, todo, website)
Beginner Guides (todo, tutorial)
Planes I'd Like to Try: "Baby Bam Bam" $1.00 Flying Bat Plane (model, things-to-try)
Videos - Electric Combat (combat, inspiration, video)

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