Sunday, September 22, 2013

Taranis OpenTX Elevon Mixing

Here's how to mix elevons on Taranis using OpenTX.

It's a pretty straightfoward procedure:

  • mix the elevator stick on both channels.  The value will be either 50% or -50%, depending on how your servos are set up.  If the control surfaces move in the wrong direction, swap the sign.
  • mix the aileron stick on both channels.  The multiplex parameter will be "add", and the values will also be 50% or -50%.  Proper motion:  when the stick moves left, the left control surface should raise and the right control surface should lower.  Vice versa for moving the stick right.

Here's some notes on how elevon mixing works:

Here's my mix.  Yours should be the same, possibly swapping out the positive/negative values.

Ch 2  Ele    50%
  +=  Ail   -50%
Ch 3  Ele   -50%
  +=  Ail   -50%


  1. I am very new to OpenTx in general and the Taranis in particular. Could this mix be accomplished with the model template in Companion9x? I am only trying to understand more, not doubting what has been put forward above.


    1. I think it could, but I never use the templates. After spending the time to verify/correct any settings (including reversing), I think it's just as quick to set the mixes directly, with the benefit that you know exactly how it was set up originally.