Sunday, November 18, 2018

JureZ's 13" Nutball

Extracts from RCG:

Mine is 61g AUW , 13" dia. Dollar tree foam with paper off.

using UMX HW and 1S brushed motor and prop ( don't remember which one is the donor...)
had to put six pennies under the nose to get proper CG.
Is windy today to say much about it besides that it is tossed around like a leaf... it flies anyway ...

it flew fine, nicely slow, a floater... until I managed to damage the propeller. Grounded for now...

and here is a video, after switching to a 10g brushless motor (custom rewound, Y , 36 Turns per tooth, Kv= 635 RPM/V ) , 
10 A ESC,
Battery 2S 300 mAh 30C, 
APC 7*3.8 SF Propeller , 
FrSky 4 Channel RX.
two UMX Spectrum Linear Servos ,
82g AUW, wing loading = 3.16 oz/sq ft , 
Static test current draw at full throttle : 2.2A @ 8V , 17.6W into the ESC.