Thursday, March 19, 2015

Taranis D-Series Telemetry: Lightning Version

Here's what you need for Taranis D-Series telemetry setup.  This is the lightning version, focuses on battery voltage and skips what you don't need to know.

Hardware Setup

  • FBVS-01 is the voltage monitoring unit.
  • The documentation is confusing.  You don't need to modify the default power options.
  • FBVS-01 is supplied without connectors.  Attach your own connectors as necessary.
  • One end attaches to the D-Series Rx telemetry port.  The other end attaches to your battery.
  • Comes with a cable, attach it to the Rx.
  • Only need to worry about the two left connectors, ground and positive.
  • You can get rid of the other wires.
  • Final connection:   Battery -- FBVS-01 -- Rx
Telemetry Setup
  • Go the the Telemetry screen of your model setup menu.
  • Set A1 Range to 13.30V.  This monitors Rx voltage.  You probably don't care about this if you're flying electric.
  • Set A2 Range to 19.8V.  We'll cover why this is the right value later.
  • Set the low and critical alarm values.  For 3S, 10.5V and 10V are good.
Audio Voltage
  • In the Special Function menu, set SF1: SB Down, Play Val, A2, 30
  • When you flip switch B down, the current voltage will be announced every 30 seconds.
  • When the voltage drops below the low and critical levels, you will get repeating announcements appropriately.

That's all you need to get it working!

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