Monday, December 28, 2020

Eachine E130 Helicopter

 Eachine e130 2.4g 4ch 6-axis gyro altitude hold flybarless rc helicopter rtf Sale -

  • Flybarless, no collective pitch.
  • The printed manual seems to disagree with some of the online specs.
  • Protocol: DSMX DSM2 PPM "S-SUS".
  • Battery: 2S 700mAh 20C, JST.
  • Hover Switch? "It's for trimming up the helicopter. The controller will not remember trim settings between flights unless you use this button. To trim, first press the hover button for 5 seconds until the controller beeps, and its power light starts flashing. Then launch the helicopter, and be prepared to counter any uncommanded drift with the pitch roll stick. If you notice drifting, repeatedly press a corresponding trim button to negate that lift (those little buttons to the left and below the pitch roll stick). For example (Mode 2 controller), if the heli is drifting left, repeatedly press the right arrow trim button located directly below the right stick until the drift stops. If drifting forward, repeatedly press the back (down) arrow trim buttoned located left of the right stick until the movement stops. Once stable hover is achieved, land the helicopter, press the hover button again until it beeps and the light goes steady. Then turn off the helicopter and controller. The controller should now remember your hover trim settings for successive flights. By the way, there's also a gyro calibration for extreme drifting. Place the helicopter on a flat level surface, then move and hold both sticks to the lower left corner until the helicopters lights blink indicating that it is calibrating. Calibration is completed once the lights go steady. see less
  • Rate Switch? "Top left button is the high/low rate button."