Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prop Reaming for HobbyKing Micro Quad

 I thought I had solved the prop mounting problems by using the prop savers and the semi-drilled out props, but I couldn't get the props balanced and there was a lot of vibration.  So I ordered a prop reamer to see if I could get the prop onto the collet adaptor.

It turns out you can ream the hole to be just big enough, but you have to be pretty careful.
 Here's the before and after pictures.
It's reamed almost to the limit.  Just a tiny bit over and it cracked through the side.  It would be wonderful if HK would sell some props matched to the size of their prop shafts!

Update:  the collet works a lot better than the prop saver.  The only downside is that if you come close to anything your props will break in half at the thinned point.  If anybody knows of a prop of this size with a thicker shaft hole please let me know!

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