Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting Started with the DJI Inspire 1

WooHoo, EastBay-RC has bitten the apple and obtained a DJI Inspire 1.  Prepare yourself (we hope!) for some eye-poppingly gorgeous scenic imagery, and some EastBay-RC style tech notes on the Inspire.

First up, a quick series on getting started with the Inspire.  Everything from out-of-the-box to registration, setup, configuration, and testing.

This should be everything you need to get ready to launch.  And we're working on that series now!


1.  Unboxing
2.  Charging and Powering Up
3.  Connecting and Registration
4.  Attaching the Gimbal
5.  Updating Firmware
6.  Calibrating the Compass
7.  First Dry Run
8.  Second Dry Run
9.  Micro-SD Caution
10. Attaching the Props

Playlist Here!

(sad note: can't figure out how to get the playlist to work!  click the link above to see the entire series.)

Maiden flight:

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