Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Taranis Battery Notes

Bruce has a great video on using different types of batteries in a Taranis. Here's a few notes that I've put together.

  • The illustration is from the Taranis manual, which also notes that the operating voltage range is from 6 to 15 volts.  You should read the manual.
  • Don't charge anything but the stock batteries with the internal charger.  Specifically, don't charge LiPo or LiFe with the internal charger.
  • The Taranis originally came with 800 mAh battery pack.  Currently ships with 2000 mAh battery pack.  This battery pack is also available at FrSky dealers.
  • On older models, charge light was solid.  On newer models (the ones that came with 2000 mAh battery), charge light blinks.
  • Internal charger shuts off automatically when battery is full.
  • If you change battery types, update the voltage range and warning values on menu 1 of the radio setup screen.

battery        high  low  warn  notes
NiMH 800 mAh    8.0  6.5   6.5  stock battery on older models
NiMH 2000 mAh   8.0  6.5   6.5  stock battery on newer models
2S lipo         8.4  6.6   6.9  can plug into balance plug
3S LiPo        12.6  9.9  10.2  need to make plug/adapter
3S LiFe        10.8  8.4   9.9  need to make plug/adapter


  1. You have a definite typo on the 3s Life Battery. 2.1v per cell would kill it. Just an FYI. Thanks

    1. Oops, my mistake... thanks for the catch, updated!

  2. Mine is the new model with the 2000mAh battery. The charge light blinks for the first 30 seconds, then turns solid on. When the charge is complete, the light turns off. It seems that this is the new light behaviour:


  3. My led in the back isnt turning on at all.Why?

  4. My led in the back isnt turning on at all.Why?