Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FrSky CPPM Firmware Update

Jani Hirvinen writes:

Status update to all: After several days we gave green light for FrSky for this new custom 27ms software and I am happy to let you all know that software is now publicly available for download.

So if you need to have 27ms and 8 channel output from your PPM capable receivers. Point your browser to FrSky pages and get latest software upload.

For people who did download test files from jDrones ( website, old files will be now removed and there are only one official software.

FrSky download page for official software is:
Files are under names of:
- CPPM 27ms for D8R-XP
- CPPM 27ms for D4R-II

Background here.
tl;dr: FrSky 8 channel CPPM mode didn't work, this patch fixes.

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