Sunday, December 15, 2013

HobbyKing PUMQ Notes

Got the PUMQ (Pocket Ultra Micro Quad) put together and flashed.  Here's some notes.

  • Using the Cesco PUMQ V4 build.  Build as Leonardo, ran and connected to MultiWiiConf with no problems.
  • Micro prop balancer here.
  • Easy way to remove micro props using side cutters.
  • Attach micro props with white glue or clear contact cement after roughing up the shaft.  Don't use super glue.
  • Interested to try BradWii and see how the autotuning works.
  • The battery connector is placed pretty inconveniently, with the battery cable hard to hold.  It would be nice if the connector were on the edge.

Results of first indoor flights.
  • PIDs seem OK, but it's super sensitive on pitch and roll.  Added about 60% expo which smoothed it out a little, but I'm hoping to get something close to Ladybird stability.
  • Climb was super hard to control, couldn't keep it level very easily.  That could be because I was flying it indoors and didn't have a lot of space to get used to it.
  • Bound the Rx using an OrangeRx 6 channel Rx, using the OrangeRx module.
  • Popped a prop.  Will attach as per above.
  • Calibration reminder: ACC right stick down, left stick upper left, GYRO left stick lower left.

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  1. Have FrySky Taranis and X8R and would like to know if this tx/rx combination can be used to control this pocket quad?