Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update: Wago Connector for Power Distribution

As promised, here's an update on using a Wago 222-415 5-wire connector for power distribution.

Executive summary: seems to work pretty well!  And eliminates lots of soldering.  The soldering itself isn't bad, but the bundle of soldered wires are big and bulky, and lose their flexibility where they're soldered.

Heres a close-up of the device.  You lift the clamp up, insert your wires, and close the clamp.  You will need two connectors, one each for hot and ground.

There's a couple of good vendors on ebay selling them.  I bought a box to reduce shipping.  If you would like a pair of these for $5.00 including shipping, send me a note at my email under the "About" entry under "Interesting Things".  I'll confirm with you that I still have some, let you know my paypal, and send them out.

As noted in a previous post, this genius idea was by Lenz Grimmer, who has a very nice flikr set of his quad build.

I'm still interested in learning more about power distribution.  My collected survey of systems is here.


  1. Nice! This just solved my wiring issue!

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  3. You asked on SO about how many amps you can go to using this with 12V. What was the conclusion?

    I've got an RV and was going to attempt something similar.


    1. Sadly, I couldn't find anyone who could give a definite answer. Some of the concerns were with using small gauge wire, which would get hot with more current, and possibly damage the connector.