Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of Universal Serial Busses

 Here are the flavors of USB cables I've got.  From the lower right, going clockwise:
  • Apple iPhone
  • proprietary -- Casio Camera
  • Micro A (?)- Ardupilot Mega 2
  • Type B -- Arduino Uno
  • proprietary -- Panasonic Lumix camera
  • FTDI programmer -- Arduino [*]
  • mini-B lots and lots of stuff
  • update: AVR programmer

Fortunately, the computer end of these cables are all the same, classic Type A!

[*] The FTDI adaptor probably shouldn't count, since it connects to a Mini-B cable, but it's a serial thing I have around.  Of course if I mention the FTDI programmer I should also mention the AVR programmer for completeness.  It comes in two flavors as well; 10 pin and 6 pin.

Here's a diagram from Wikipedia, identifying the various types of USB connectors. Here's another good page from a cable vendor.

Here's the AVR Programmer from Hobby King.  They sell it for their KK Multicopter board.  It's nice an inexpensive, and comes with both a 10-pin and 6-pin cable.  I have one from ebay, and you have to jigger your own 10-pin to 6-pin conversion.

Update: now added a lightning connector for iphone 5.