Monday, July 18, 2011

Interesting battery wiring guide

Need to hook up batteries in parallel or serial configurations?  This page has a nice application that will show you just what you need to do.

All about lipo balance connectors

TJinTech has a great article on this, with lots of nice diagrams like this one.

TJinGuy's great website

Here's a website with lots of nice technical details.  Especially interesting are his articles on charging and RC / battery wiring.  Check it out!  Here's a sample of one of his wiring diagrams:

CrazyJ's new FPV all-in-one ground station box

Looks very nice! Self-contained, self-powered, includes a 10-inch monitor as well as fat shark glasses.

Details on RCGroups.

Beacon Foam-Tac Glue

Everybody says good things about this stuff... I'll give it try and see how it goes!  Purchase in at

They say:

Beacon Foam-Tac Glue bonds Depron, EPS, EPP, XPS, EPO, and many other kinds of foam quickly & cleanly. It does not attack/melt/dissolve foams, and when dry it remains flexible and clear. It's also great for bonding carbon fiber.
SUPER STRONG BOND - FOAM-TAC creates a super strong bond that is like welding the foam together. Make a Butt-Joint and you won't be able to find it later, stronger than the foam itself once it's cured.
LESS IS MORE - Always dries clear, simply apply a thin amount of FOAM-TAC to one side of the joint and gently press together. Pull the joint apart then press together again. That’s it. You don’t have to wait for the glue to get tacky.

My [note: this is filadelfosrc writing] own personal observations about Foam-Tac:
1. It's a thick clear goo, reminds me of shoe-goo in it's consistency, but a little thinner.
2. Even though it's thick, when you pull the bottle away, it doesn't have any stringys to deal with.
3. Once bonded, you will not see the seam line & have no idea that it was ever two separate pieces.
4. Even though it forms a strong & permanent bond, the glue remains flexible & clear. I have used it to re-attach a broken aileron, and the aileron
functions just as it did before re-attaching (I actually glued the aileron straight onto the wing, knowing that it would still flex after Foam-Tac cured).

5. The bottle instructions say it takes 10-20 minutes to form a strong bond, but in my experience it happens in as few as 10-20 SECONDS, so that may be a typo.
6. You don't need to use much glue at all, I use far less of it than if I were to use a foam-safe CA for the same task.... and there's no need for any

Resistor Mod, fix for Turnigy 9x trainer port

Many people have written this up, this page shows two different ways to fix, with nice photos.

Update: I modded my unit so the radio is purely module based;  This lets me just pop out the module, so I've lost interest in doing this.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trainer Switch mod for Turnigy 9x

Strangely, the 9x trainer switch operates differently than most radios.  By default, control is given to the student, and the instructor must pull the switch up to take control.

You can reverse the switch, but then you'll have one switch backwards for the infamous "switch error" startup mode.  (actually, I'm used to that mode now and rather like it!).

Here's a simple hardware mod using a spring and two pieces of plastic tubing to hold the switch in instructor mode.  It's from a video review by Thomas Lombardi. Trainer switch discussion starts @3:34, the solution starts @4:42.

Update: I installed er9x which allows the trainer switch to be set properly.

ScrtSqrl's cheap pan-only, crazy-simple, zero-drift Head Tracker

Here's the original CGroups link and an update where ScrtSqrl unveiled his nifty head tracker.  Genius!

Basic Idea:
  • take a control (e.g. flaps) pot out of your radio
  • extend the wires so it will reach your head
  • add a lever and attach it to your hat
  • add a bungee cord, attach to your radio
  • attach cam servo to appropriate channel (e.g. flaps) on radio
Now as you look at the radio, the servo will be centered, and as you move your head to the left or right the servo will follow along. Be sure and check out the update... there's a lot more information on his nicely portable FPV ground station.

Vimeo link:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A nice quad stand

Also, a pretty nice quad frame, the Dex.  It's the one that float on water.  From villagepilot on RCGroups.