Thursday, November 13, 2014

Concord Model Engineers Meeting Minutes, Nov. 2014


Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014

CALL TO ORDER:  7:32 pm

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

EastBay RC Attends DJI Inspire Launch

 So we received an invitation to attend the big DJI product launch over on Treasure Island.  It was an impressive thing... a top not presentation wrapped up by the appearance of the  new "Inspire" unit over the stage.
 It's an impressive unit.  4K video downlinked over DJI's Lightbridge system.  The photo here is of the live video from the unit being downlinked and projected on the screen.
I met Eric Cheng a while back, when he had literally only been flying for two weeks.  Even at that time I had been impressed with his natural flying ability, and of course I'm a big fan of all his photography as well.  It turns out he's a pretty bodacious emcee as well!
 Hey, who are those guys sitting up in the front row?

Yep, it's mythbusters Jamie and Adam.  They've been using multicopters (custom built by their crew) for the last couple of years.  They talked a bit about that, and how the technology has advanced in that time.

Here's a video of the actual product launch.  I guess I can correctly say "literally" here!  It was pretty impressive, and I liked how the legs raise up (or is it the body that lowers?) when it goes into the air? Eric and I are going to get together and do some things with his unit, and I'll collect any useful information.  It looks like a serious contender for filling in the "prosumer" (i.e. not carrying a DSLR) aerial photography market segment.

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