Monday, October 19, 2020

OpenTX Smart Throttle Cut

 Logical switches: 

L2 OR L1 L3
L3 a<x Thr -96

Special Functions:

SF1 !L1 Override CH3 -100 (then tick the "ON" box) 

Mixing for Two-part Landing Gear


CH6    SF Weight(+100%) Delay(u2:d2) Slow(u2:d2)
CH7    L02 Weight(+100%) Delay(u4:d0) Slow(u2:d2)
CH8    MAX Weight(+30%) Switch(SB-) Slow(u4:d4)
    += MAX Weight(+60%) Switch(SB↓) Slow(u5:d5)

Logical Switches

L1    CH6 > 95
L2    SF↑ XOR L04
L3    CH6 < -95
L4    L01 OR !L05
L5    L03 OR !L04

Mixing for Axial Rolls

 Read somewhere:

Finally dialed in some aileron to elevator mix, so that there is some down elevator when ailerons (right or left) are moving.

Your results may vary, after some trial flights I have now some 35% aileron differential, and 25% aileron-elevator mix (positive for right aileron movement, negative for left aileron movement), and the Wingnetic now rolls the way it should.