Monday, June 27, 2011

ZipZepp: pro level AP platform

Need to move a camera from point A to B fast?
1)Aggressive engine thrust for quick deployment of camera systems.
2)Rapid reverse and powerful hover modes
3) High elevation operation. Designed and tested at over 8,000 feet.

Vendor: Monto RC

lots o' props, including CCW

RadicalRC Stinger Kit

I'm having a bit of trouble bending blogspot to my will regarding captioning and photos... I'll get some more words and pictures up shortly!

Here's the start of the Arcticopter 3, which will be as light and as small as we can make it.  After we get the full-size build flying reliably, I'll try trimming the arms down and see if it will still be stable in the air.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Replacement Tripod Mount

A while back I lost the head from my el cheapo tripod.  I couldn't find a convenient replacement head, so I carved one out from a piece of wood.  A counter-sunk stainless steel bolt attaches it to the camera. I cut an angled edge on the front, and gouged out a little spot in the back for attaching it to the tripod.

I thought it would be a stopgap measure while I found a real replacement head, but it turned out to work so well I just kept using it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

3/8 inch is almost 10mm

An interesting observation for Radical RC parts, which are based around 10mm arms... 3/8 inch basswood sticks from the art supply store are a pretty good fill-in if you need some arms in a pinch.

It's not a super-snug fit, but I think it could work pretty well if glued or shimmed.

3/8 inch = 9.52500 millimeters

Monday, June 6, 2011

Power Distribution Spider

Dontenorio69 has a nice power distribution "spider" wiring system documented on youtube.  Not only is it very nice, but his narration is good too.  I hope he makes some more videos!