Sunday, October 9, 2011

Turnigy 9x Trainer Mode

Here's some notes on setting up two Turnigy 9x radios in trainer mode.  Thanks to Miki for asking about this and training new RC pilots!

I'll type in a few quick notes now; I'll try to borrow my friend's 9x, take some pictures and maybe a video of trainer mode in action.


  • We'll use "teacher" and "student" here;  The other common terms for this are "master" and "slave".
  • The teacher radio is in contact with the plane.
  • The two radios are attached with a 1/8 inch mono male-male jack.  Student radio turns on automatically when attached.
Student Radio
  • In new model 9x's (the ones with a single antenna), there is a circuitry problem that blocks the trainer port.
  • The simple way to fix this problem is to pop the module out.  The antenna connection is soldered to the main board, so be a little bit careful.  You have 2-3 cm of loose antenna wire.
  • With the module disconnected, the trainer port is active.  I think it's ok to operate in this mode, just tape the module so it doesn't fall out and break the antenna wire.
  • Another solution, but more work, is to solder a resistor into the circuit.  I have not tried this yet, but have my notes on this page.
Teacher Radio
  • Turn on trainer channels [menu / func setting / trainer].
  • You can turn on all controls or just some.  It might be useful for teacher to keep control of the throttle, for example.
  • The settings are confusing.  I will probably make a video, but I think you want to set Off/On mode. When in that menu, pull the trainer switch and you should see the mode switch.
  • In most radios, you pull the trainer switch to allow student control, and let go of trainer switch for teacher to control.
  • Turnigy 9x is opposite!  Must hold trainer switch for teacher to control.  Use this method for mechanical reverse.
Simple Summary
  • Eject the module from student radio.  Tape it down so it doesn't break antenna wire.
  • Make sure "Reverse" has same settings on both radios. [menu/func setting/reverse].
  • Set trainer mode on teacher radio.
  • Attach mono cable to both radios.
  • Test all controls to see if reverse is correct on both radios.
  • Fly!


  1. Great!
    Thank you very very Much!


  2. Hello. I made the the mod that told in youtube and it works. But there is a problem that the throttle function acts like elevator function and elevator stick doesn't work. My RC is an acro. Is there anything that I missed?

  3. Do the sticks work the same with the instructor and student units? If so, it sounds like the cables are attached to the receiver in the wrong order.