Friday, February 13, 2015

Fixing UMX Radian Porpoising

BrownShoe at RCGroups posted a note about eliminating porpoising on his UMX Radian.

After I established the CG at 32 mm, I cranked in some negative elevator with my needle-nosed pliers; the little U-bend was almost closed. She flew kind of crazy. It was way too much negative elevator and the wind was very choppy and I came close to crashing. What I noticed was, it did not porpoise! Ha! I landed and opened up the U-bend some and tried again. She flew with nary a dip! It was the nicest flight she has ever flown!  
I performed a dive test as best I could while trying to remember what to look for. It had a nice gentle rise and not an abrupt porpoise. Nice! I flew three packs and she handled very well in spite of the very choppy air. I let it glide hands free for a good ten seconds. Finally it flies like it is supposed to and I'm having maximum joy now. 

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