Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY FPV helmet, Part 1

I'm having problems fitting FPV goggles, coz I wear glasses.  So, based on an idea from Bruce, I'm going to try making my own ghetto version by attaching a video monitor to a welding helmet.

Here's the helmet I'm using. It was about $16 from Amazon, including shipping.
 Here's the welding glass cover pieces removed.  Now there's just an empty frame in the welding helmet.
 If I'm able to focus closely, I'll be able to attach the video screen right to the helmet.  This will be convenient coz I'll be able to flip it up.

I don't think I'll be able to get the monitor that close to my eyes, though.  I'll experiment to see the most comfortable distance with and without glasses.
Here's the headband.  It fits well and can be snugged up comfortably.  I think it might be better in this respect than commercial FPV goggles.
 Here's the head size adjustment screw.  There's also an adjustable strap that goes over the top of the head as well.
 And it's stylish!!  I'll take the inventory tag off, but I'm not sure how much it will help.  I'll also consider cutting the lower part off so my mouth is not covered.  It will make it easier to talk, and possibly keep my breath from fogging the inside of the display.
 Here's the 3.5 inch monitor I'm using for the first test.  It's the cheapest monitor on DealExtreme.  Resolution: 320x200, 12V.  It's not bad, but about what you would expect from a $22 monitor.
Here's how I'm thinking of mounting the monitor on the helmet. I'm thinking I can screw my hatcam on top as well.

Part 2 here...

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