Monday, January 2, 2012

Servo Extension Arms for 3D Foamies

Great advice from Leadfeather:

  • For good 3D you should have at least +- 45 degrees. 
  • Cut slits only if you have stiff hinges. If they are already flexible the slits won't help.
  • The longer arms are pretty typical, especially for the 5 gram servos.
  • Possibly increase the servo travel if your Tx allows. Most computer radios allow you to do this in the "travel adjustment" and also in the "dual rate/expo" set up.
  • For me, more throw means I use more expo for nice control response.
  • For the HXT 500, Dubro 930 Micro Servo Arm XL
  • For the HXT 900, Dubro 932 Micro Servo Arm XL

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