Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update: Night Vapor Batteries

 Here's an update on my lightweight Night Vapor batteries.  I tried ordering some 50mAh cells, but they were out of stock and I got tired of waiting.  So I went ahead to try making some more 70mAh batteries.

Here's the 1S lead soldered onto the cell.  Notice the lead is a lot shorter than previously.
 That's because I got some liquid tape, and didn't have to leave enough room on the wires to put shrink wrap.
 I used a piece of craft stick to daub the liquid tape onto the exposed tab and solder connection.
 Here's what the final unit looks like.  The liquid tape seems to cover pretty well.

The battery doesn't fit into the Celestra charger as is, because the leads are a bit too short and the cell is a bit too wide.  Using a 1S extension solves things nicely.
And it's certainly light enough... Flying the Night Vapor smoothly I was able to get 17 minutes on this battery, about 4mA per minute.  I was impressed!

Update:  this connector is a "Molex PicoBlade (grid: 1.25mm)"


  1. Thanks for the information. I had a question about the mAh capacity on the night vapor. I am trying to mount a camera on my night vapor and wanted to use the battery that came with the camera. It is a 3.7 280mAh battery. Do you know if that will damage my night vapor motor or receiver? Thanks

    1. That will be fine, since the voltage is the same. The only question will be the weight of the battery + the weight of the camera, Good Luck!