Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY FPV Goggles Update

 Part 1 here...

Here's the current state of the DIY goggles.  The distance to the screen seems about right for use either with or without glasses.
 Here's the view from the inside.  The screen has a resolution of 320x200.  It was $21, and looks about like you'd expect for that price. If it seems like a viable solution, I'll order a better screen.
Here's how it's attached... It was pretty straightforward.  I was going to make a slot down the metal strap so I could vary the distance easily, but this distance seems to work pretty well.

Next steps:  make a lightproof cover, figure out how to attach the battery and wiring, make a convenient connector to the receiver.

Update: Somewhat punting on the idea, although I still like the idea.  I broke down and got a Fat Shark Predator V1.


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    1. Sweet, very nicely done... Thanks for the pointer!