Monday, January 2, 2012

New Quad Prop Source

GemFan Props at Innov8tive Designs, look pretty nice.

Lucien says:

They are available in the following sizes: 8x4.5, 9x4.7, 10x4.5, 11x4.7 and 12x4.5. There are two different plactic formulations used for these props. The standard ones are made with a fiberglass filled ABS plastic, and are about the same stiffness as an APC Slow-Fly type prop. These are available in Black, Bright Green and Bright Orange in both normal and reverse rotation. 
The Hi-Strength versions are made from a carbon fiber filled nylon, and are about 10 times stiffer than the standard props so they really maintain their shape and airfoil under load. These props are only available in black, and have a satin finish to them.
Prices on the props are as follows, normal or reverse pitch is the same price:
Standard Series, Black, Green or Orange:
8x4.5 - $1.50 each
9x4.7 - $1.75 each
10x4.5 - $2.00 each
Carbon Reinforced Series, Black:
8x4.5 - $2.00 each
9x4.7 - $2.25 each
10x4.5 - $2.50 each
11x4.7 - $3.00 each
12x4.5 - $3.50 each

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