Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arduino class notes, class 2

Microcontroller Circuit Model

  • inputs wired to microcontroller
  • outputs wired to microcontroller
  • microcontroller reads inputs, does some processing, sends some output
  • different approach than "traditional" electronics
  • e.g. a button does not complete a circuit to light a lamp, but instead signals the microprocessor that the button has been pressed;  the microprocessor then turns on the lamp
  • Makes circuits much simpler -- cookbook examples of wiring inputs and outputs to the Arduino are often all that is necessary.


  • circ08 - potentiometer.  circuit diagram is confusing, it says "to pin 13 then to pin 9".  That means use pin 13 for the first part of the lab, and in the second "making it better" part of the lab use pin 9.
  • circ04 - servos.  two parts, sweep and knob input.


Rod Bogart notes a correction on lab CIRC-03:

    Note: There is an error with CIRC-03. Omit the 10K resistor and
    hook pin 9 directly to the base of the transistor.

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