Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FrSky Notes

Thinking to upgrade to FrSky... here's some random notes.

Bruce has a nice tutorial on installing the DIY Kit.  And here's another.

Andreas has these on order:
It looks like going this route is simpler, just need to remove the old module and antenna, and snap the new module in.  The 9x is compatible with the JR module, not the Futaba.

There's a bunch of confusing bits about telemetry.  (Update: which can safely be ignored asFrSky has discontinued all non-telemetry Tx)

  • V* series are one-way (no telemetry) -- discontinued, FrSky only making telemetry-enabled transmitter modules now.
  • D* series are two-way (telemetry).
  • D4FR: voltage only
  • D6FR: two external AD inputs. you can use one with a voltage divider for pack voltage
  • D8R: two external AD inputs, and serial port
Thanks ExplodingLemur for this great information!

Repackaging the original 9x radio.

Azure Engineering has a nice way of doing this.  The end result is that the 9x is now a pluggable module like the (non-DIY) FrSky module.

Other bits:
  • Looking also for some definitive information pages on all the above.  Somebody tell FrSky they should get a web page!


  1. The V* series are one-way (no telemetry), the D* series are two-way (telemetry). For the receivers, D8R, D6FR, and D4FR have telemetry...D4FR does receiver voltage only, the other two have external A/D inputs that you can use with a voltage divider for pack voltage, and the D8R has a serial port as well.

  2. sweet, thanks... you might be the only guy on the planet that knows this! :-)

    1. There are a few good threads on RCG on FrSky and its telemetry:
      and the FrSky page at has info too.

      Also for your '9X, have you seen the new Gruvin9X PCB?
      Buy from
      It requires a lot of surface-mount soldering of small 0603 components, but it turns the combo of the 9X and a FrSky module into a pretty capable radio. The parts are about $75ish from Digikey. I've got everything, I just need to find time to assemble it.