Friday, January 13, 2012

FrSky Stuff

Got these from RangeVideo... these units are the older ones, that don't have telemetry built in.  That should be OK for me, since I'm planning on using APM for the telemetry.

Some notes copied from RangeVideo...

V8R7-SP Specs

  • Operating Voltage Range: 3.0V-16.0V
  • Operating Current: 30mA
  • Resolution: 3072
  • Latency: 22ms
  • Specified: 7CH, 9g, 49mm×23mm×12mm 

Bind Procedure

  • Turn on your transmitter and switch it to PPM mode, turn off the TX.
  • Turn on your transmitter while holding the programming button. Release it a few seconds later. The RED LED on the transmitter module will flash, indicating the transmitter is ready to bind the receiver.
  • Connect the battery to the receiver while holding the receiver’s F/S button. The LED on the receiver will flash, indicating the binding process is complete. Turn off the transmitter and receiver.
  • Turn on your transmitter. Connect the battery to the receiver when ORANGE LED on TX is on. The LED on the receiver will indicate the receiver is receiving commands from the transmitter. In a few seconds system is ready to work (communication is established).


  • Move the transmitter into failsafe position for all channels.
  • Press F/S button of the receiver. The green LED will flash twice indicating that failsafe has been set.
  • To cancel failsafe, rebind the receiver.

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  1. >To cancel failsafe, rebind the receiver
    Does it really work as such that if you rebind it forgets the failsafe settings? I didn't know that!