Sunday, July 28, 2013

One Minute Guide to DX6i Binding

Here's how to bind a Spektrum DX6i to a receiver.
  • Tx power off
  • Insert bind plug into Rx bind port.  Polarity doesn't matter
  • (optional) Plug a servo into Rx AIL channel.  Not necessary, but you can use it to see if your binding worked.
  • Insert ESC plug into any RX channel.  Doesn't matter which one, since we're only concerned about power.
  • Rx LED will fast blink.
  • Move Tx about 5-6 feet away from Rx
  • Pull up Tx Trainer switch.  Turn on Tx.  Screen will show "Bind"; Keep holding Trainer switch
  • Rx LED will: stop flashing; resume slow flashing; stop flashing;  Wait a couple more seconds.
  • If you have a servo plugged in, it will come to life.  Test by moving AIL channel.
  • Release Trainer switch.
  • Power off Tx, Rx, remove bind plug.
Two biggest problems:

  • Tx and Rx are too close.
  • You don't hold the Trainer switch for enough time.

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