Monday, July 29, 2013

A Couple of Pictures from COSMOS

 Unbeknownst to this blog, the charming Mrs. EastBay RC carried a camera outside when we went flying and took a couple of pictures.

Here's the Arcticopter VI failing to arm.  I took the chance to explain that lots of technical work consists of standing around looking befuddled and troubleshooting on the fly.  They seemed to appreciate that, having apparently experienced the same thing on their own projects.
 The NutBall never fails to please.  It was nicely visible in the sunshine, and handled the small flying area pretty nicely.  I did take the opportunity to have the wind blow it into a tree, though.  I got some laughs when explaining that I had been going for a patriotic USA paint job only to have it turn into a lovely French scheme.  Many thanks to piloting assistant Sandra for impeccable launch form!
I was pretty impressed with the COSMOS attendees I met.  They seemed smart and motivated, and are working on some interesting projects.  Perhaps the future is in good hands after all!

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