Friday, July 26, 2013

Great Amazon Metric Fastener Pages

Found some great pages at Amazon that let you select various sizes of fasteners.  I called Amazon to see if there was a way to locate all pages with these awesome selection menus, but it seems there's not.  If anybody knows a way, please leave a note!

Till then, just recording these:  machine screws, pan head screws, steel hex nuts,


  1. These are all pages from Amazon's Supply program. Just go to:

    And you'll have access to all their pages like this.

  2. You could also use Amazon's Industrial & Scientific Store ( or just the Metric Store (

    Most of the items that use that sizing widget are clothing, so searching for that isn't very interesting. ("available+in+2..+sizes"

  3. This all pages will supply from amazon software system here in some comments have given the url which are easy to access to alll pages.

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