Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cheapie Office Copter

 So Crash Hancock recently issued a cheapie quadcopter challenge.  He did a great job on a cheap blue wonder based propulsion system, and of course the $15 flip control board is the obvious way to go.

He ended up paying less than $10 for the frame parts... quite good, but it occurred to me you could do better.  While mulling this over and trying to think of cheap arms, I happened to notice some rulers in our office copy room.
 Eureka!  They were just the right length, and using some jumbo clips held them together nicely.  I had some a zip tie sitting around, so after clipping everything together I wound a zip tie around everything.  As you can see, it makes a very stylish looking X copter, with about a 30 second build time!  Surprisingly, it's a very stiff frame, and very crashproof (I think), since everything will just pop apart, ready to be reassembled.
I was planning to screw the motor mounts onto the arms, but it occurred to me that they would look pretty odd when I returned them to the supply cabinet.  No problem, a couple of more clips hold the motor perfectly.  And several cents saved on fasteners!  As soon as I get some more motors and a flip controller, I'll finish it out.  Until then, everything back into the cabinet, ready to be reassembled!