Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Concord Model Engineers, Minutes for July 9, 2013

CALL TO ORDER:  7:38 pm


Ed Ringue started building planes a couple of months ago. He's mainly interested in freeflight.

Steve, started with control line, interested in control line.


    Current Balance                 $4,980


Minutes on iphone and therefore not read, but approved anyways.


Alameda Swap Meet had a good turnout, 22 guys selling and a lot of people attending.
Proposed trip to Hiller Museum.  Sat, September 14, Meet at airport at 10:30.  Side trip to J and M Hobbies.

 The Hornet will be towed to Hawaii next year.  See it while you have the chance!
Some clubs have a Pizza Party every once in a while.  We should do the same thing, getting together every once in a while.
On Picnic Day, somebody forgot to tell the city to turn off the sprinklers!


Bonnie did a great job on the picnic, and the club votes to express its gratitude and a Thank You gift of $50.

1/2A Playboy (who presented  this?)
Warren, Skimmer 400 from about 10 years ago, but building it now.
Jim Muether,  Sherman Gillespie Zephyr.
Ron, Prarie Dog

Warren, Gillespie's Sure Flyer biplane
George, Del Val Snake, CF Wing
Mark Harrison, Noodle Copter.
Jim M, Pat Shrek Goblin,
Ron, old drone motors and props
Ed Ringue, Walnut and some others.


Chuck gave a good talk about batteries and charging systems.

Our concensus club policy: Don't leave your batteries unattended while charging indoors!


BH Model Little Ike, BH Model American Bly, BH Model P-51, 1 set SIG decals, Cox glow plug clip, Cox 0.49 Sure Start Engine, Foam Plane, 2 oz fuel tank, package of Exacto knives w. blades.



Monthly Meeting, Second Tuesday, 7:00, Concord Airport

Indoor Fun Fly, Third Friday, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
Gym at the Church of the Nazarene, 1650 Ashby Dr., Concord.
This month's date is July 19.


July 14, Saturday, 4:00pm, Limited motor run RC Sail Plane event Two classes: Speed 400, 2 minute motor run, three attempts, longest time aloft; Unlimited, 30 second motor run, three attempts, longest time aloft.

Sat, July 27, SAM 27 Special Rubber Meet.  On average at least 30 flyers show up.
Flyer attached.
August 3-4, Davis, Great American ARF-Off
Flyer attached.

Some notes on the minutes from the recording secretary:

I'm continuing to fiddle with the format of the minutes.  Let me know what you like and don't like!

I love all the information presented in the Parade of Planes.  I wish I could type fast enough to capture it all!  If you are going to present a plane, feel free to send me any information you think might be useful to appear in the minutes, and I'll put it in.

 Also, please remind me of your name when you present... even my Dear Close Friends!  Then I won't have to be embarrassed by my terrible memory, and it might also be useful for guests and other members of the club that you might not know so well.

SAM 27 flyer

 Great American ARF-OFF flyer

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