Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Motor Mounts: First Try

 Here's the first run of the motor mounts I've been fiddling with on the 3D Printer. I had to drill the holes out on the drill press using a 1/8'' bit, which is 3.175mm.
 The pieces hold on to the 10mm square fiberglass arm splendidly.  The friction fit is snug.  I don't think it will take much bolt tension to hold everything together nicely.
Need to extend the width of the mounts so there is more material surrounding the hole.  As expected, the bolts don't need to be tightened up much.  Final assembly should be with nylock bolts, or using threadlock.  Tighten them in opposing pairs or you will star to pull the mounts around the stick, stretching the holding arms apart. Black looks cool, should get some black bolts too.
 Just clearing the motor shaft.  Everything spins freely.  Maybe open up the hole a bit more so the entire circular part of the motor is exposed?

Need to extend the length of the mount.  Note that the bolt holes are covered by the motor.  I think instead of a single mount that holds multiple motor sized, it will be fine to have a couple of mounts customized for different sizes.
Need to get the countersinking right.  It seems to work even with the bad countersink, but I'm a bit concerned that the motor bolts will cause some stress on the relatively thin wall of the arm and it will crack when the motor gets some stress applied to it.

To Do:

  • make a couple of parameterized files, one for each mount size. parms: motor bolt length, overall length, bolt size.
  • fix bolt holes so they don't need to be drilled out.
  • fix countersink.
  • add LED holder? (one? three across on outside?)
  • extend material around clamp bolts.

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