Sunday, February 13, 2011

EasyStar Brushless Notes and Shopping List

Here's what I did to convert the EasyStar to a brushless system.

Andreas recommends the credit card approach for expanding the rudder, and using real hinges to install.  I did that here.

Shopping List:
 CA Glue and Kicker:

The instructions recommend CA (superglue) and CA Accelerator (aka kicker).  You can probably use just about any medium-viscosity super-glue.  You definitely want the kicker.  Don't get any glue on your skin along with the kicker... it gets hot fast, and of course it's glued to your skin!  A lot of people recommend using Goop glue (which is soft and rubbery) for attaching the motor.  Then it's a lot easier to cut out neatly if you need to replace it.
Range Video has two interesting EasyStar products:
  • EZ-Pod: nice-looking no-mod canopy replacement for holding a camera with servos.
  • Outrunner brushless motor mount:  not sure why this is any better than using an inrunner, unless you were planning on swapping motors a lot?
Chris has an awesome aerial video mount here, and a video down at the Alameda Air Station.

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