Monday, February 14, 2011

GoldGuy fixes flex fabulously

Method 1 -- reinforce with 1mm carbon "needle"
  • sharpen the tip of a piece of 1mm carbon rod with 80 grit sandpaper.
  • force it into the foam, run it all the way through.  no glue necessary.
  • add one at the control horn location and any other place necessary.
  • use the piece like a needle.  thread it all the way through, clip the rod, and you've still got a sharp point to do the next piece.

Method 2 -- embedding carbon crosses
  • Drill hole in 4mm carbon tube, make a crossbar with 1mm carbon rod. Threadwrap and CA.
  • You want to make this an integral part of the wing, not just embedded into a slot.
  • Make the slot with a modified soldering iron.
  • Run a short bead of hot glue into the slot, press the CF into place.
  • Hold flat with a steel ruler until cool.
  • Open the joint, and repeat gluing until the full length of CF is attached.
  • The forced-in CF tube will have caused a bend in the foam.
  • Weigh the wing down on a dead flat surface.
  • Run a bead of hot glue on top of the CF.
  • Remelt the hot glue, making sure you glue the edges of the foam for maximum hold.
  • Use a trim iron to remove any excess hot glue as you go along.

More pics and description at the links.  Thanks GoldGuy!

"Neatness is Lightness." -- GoldGuy at RCGroups.

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