Monday, February 7, 2011

An Idea for a Safe Lipo Charger

I heard somebody describing this idea, but I can't remember who.  He had seen a much larger system like this while working on a military project.

  • take two flowerpots.  flowerpot 1 is the base, flowerpot 2 is the top.
  • cut a notch out out of the rim of flowerpot 1.  this is for lipo charging wires.
  • fill flowerpot 2 with sand.
  • cover flowerpot 2 with a sheet of thin plastic, something like grocery bags.
  • secure the plastic around the rim.
  • attach a piece of chickenwire to flowerpot 2.
  • put the batteries in flowerpot 1.
  • place flowerpot 2 upside down over flowerpot 1.
  • if the batteries catch fire, the plastic will burn and the sand will flood the batteries in flowerpot 1.
This works best if you have nice long charging cables.  I intend to try this some day, but for now I'm just using a lipo sack since I usually am charging small batteries one or two at a time.

It would be nice to have this setup sitting on the porch and just run the charging cables outside.

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