Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cubelets: "smart robotics construction cubes"

A coworker just forwarded this to me, and it's way too cool not to mention here.

Cubelets are a toy robotics kit.  The modular pieces snap together with magnets; different modules do different things.  Their video, for example, shows a robot made of three blocks: battery, drive, and sensor.  Stack them together, move your hand towards it, and it moves away.  Neat!

It's in preproduction, and they've delivered a first batch for people to test.  Their standard kit includes these 20 cubes:

Action Blocks: 2 Drive, 1 Rotate, 1 Speaker, 1 Flashlight, 1 Bar Graph
Sense Blocks: 1 Knob, 1 Brightness, 2 Distance, 1 Temperature
Think/Utility Blocks: 2 Inverse, 1 Minimum, 1 Maximum, 1 Battery, 2 Passive, 2 Blocker

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