Monday, February 14, 2011

Building Light...

Superslo28" Build,Tip,Tricks thread!:

Some great tips from tallflyersd at rcgroups on building a light-weight superslow-28. I think a lot of these are generally applicable, so I'm condensing ere. Check out his youtube channel as well!

His 28" plane is 7 oz, and he's going for a 5 oz version as well.

  • Make fuse out of 9mm, rudder, wings and elevator out of 6mm EPP.
  • Use light servos such as Blue Bird 306.
  • Cut a little off the motor mount.
  • No glue or velcro for radio - cut holes and tape in place.
  • Battery pack velcro: 1/4 inch wide, 4 inches long.
  • Shorten ESC wires to both battery and motor.  Makes it more tidy too!
  • Trim any extra parts off of servo and elevator horns.
  • Use 250-350 mAh batteries.
  • DONT OVERGLUE and OVERPAINT.  Airbush will keep it light, keep your designs small.
  • Carbon control rods don't save any weight over Dubro 0.37 micro control rods. [Me: is this true?]
  • Hinges: 1"x3/4" tape on the top of each wing, tailfeathers 3/4" x 3/4", 3 pieces for rudder, 4 pieces for elevator.

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