Thursday, February 3, 2011

Softboxes on the cheap...

So I've been wanting to take better pictures of some of my own stuff, and lighting is an important part of that.  Now that I'm working with Josh Anon on the Arcticopter, it seemed logical to pick his brains for the best way to set up some lighting on the cheap.

First, you have to make a choice: still photos or video?  Still photo lighting tools need only to support a flash; video lighting requires you have a light source that stays on.

Here's a nice softbox lighting kit he recommended to me if you're going to do a lot of stuff.  It looks sturdy, has stands and the proper color (temperature as it's called) lights to blend with daylight and flashes.  It's about $250, which is a bit more than what my ghetto needs are.

So, the internet to the rescue!  Googling for "homemade softbox" reveals quite a few options.  I'm noting them here for future reference.  When I try some I'll update with whatever I've done.

Here's the magic bulb: Daylight Balanced 85W Spiral Fluorescent Lamp

"Spiral 85 watt 5600°K lamp fits fixtures that accept household-threaded incandescent bulbs. Matches daylight white balance and color mixes well with window light and electronic flash. Measures 3" diameter by 8-1/2" long. Uses only 85 watts of power, but has the brightness of a 300-500 watt incandescent lamp and lasts up to 10X longer."

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