Friday, November 2, 2012

Some quick er9x Notes

Here's a snapshot of my SmartieParts board installed.  For maximum fun, post on RCGroups and call it a SmartiePants!

Full er9x manual here.

Menu Quick Start
  • [LEFT LONG] : radio setup (six screens); stick calibration on screen 6
  • [UP], [DOWN], [LEFT], [RIGHT] : various display modes
  • [MENU LONG] : model select
  • [EXIT LONG] : reset timer
Some Mixes

Throttle Hold.
THR stick is passed 100% to channel 3; range -100 to 100
if throttle hold switch is off (up), the value -100 replaces the stick value.

    CH03   +100% THR 
         R -100% HALF Switch(!THR)

Ardupilot Mega, 6 positions on AIL DR, F.Mod.

    CH05   -96% HALF Switch(AIL)
           +90% HALF Switch(ID0)
           +45% HALF Switch(ID1)
           +17% HALF Switch(ID2)

ELE DR to channel 6.
I'll use this for the "find me" beeper.
If the switch is off, channel value is -100; if on, +100.

    CH06   +100%FULL Switch(ELE)

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