Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DSM2/DSMX JR Module, Turnigy 9x Compatible

I've been looking for one of these for quite a while.  Spektrum had a JR-compatible DSM2 module, but it was almost $100.  But now HobbyKing has them for $30.

OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2 2.4Ghz Transmitter Module (JR/Turnigy compatible)

This is great news for anybody that has a Turnigy 9x transmitter and

  • loves Parkzone small flyers such as the Night Vapor and Champ (like me!)
  • like the orange receivers for their park flyers
  • Looking for a Tx/Rx pair with failsafe
DSMX binding example here.

Mine's on order, I'll update this space once it comes in.


The first batch sent by HobbyKing had a firmware bug.

executive summary:
  • it only affected the first batch that was sent
  • it's been fixed
  • newly ordered units are not affected
  • if you use er9x, you can work around the problem but can only use 6 channels
  • Ch. 2 is flaky
  • seems to be related to frame timing
workaround 1, if you have er9x:
  • tested against OrangeRX and Champ with built-in RX:
  • - on menu 1, set:
Proto PPM 8CH 200 mSec
PPM FrLen 20.0 mSec
  • - on mix menu, set
ch 1 100% THR
ch 2 -100% AIL (i.e. reversed)
ch 3 100% ELE
ch 4 100% RUD
workaround 2, only works with external Rx:
  • avoid Ch 2, route whatever would normally be plugged into Ch 2 into Ch 5
  • works if you have discrete Rx
  • of course, doesn't work with any built-in Rx since you can't change the channel options


  1. where do you buy the 100.00 version , as it is taking forever for them to be in stock at hobbyking?

  2. James, I updated the link at the top to point to it.


    I've not tried it myself, but Spektrum seems to make good stuff in my experience.

  3. Great info. Will try it and see if I can crash another plane......maybe do a range check this time....