Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weekly Miscellanea

In which we close out browser windows which have been naggingly left open...

Sunsky has good prices on LEDs.  In particular, they carry ropes with 60 and 120 LEDs/m.  They've also got an LED controller for under $3.

Nifty swappable joysticks on a small Tx.  I've been wanting to fiddle with a tank-like controller for an arduino ground unit, but keep getting stuck on the asymmetric sticks.  I keep hoping to find a supplier of 9x sticks!

Banggood has some stranded 32 gauge wire in short lengths for $1, including shipping.

Lemon Rx (what a name!) has a DSM2 compatible Rx that has a UART and looks pretty nice for hooking up to projects with a real CPU.  Connection is 9600/8N1, and provides stick positions at 50 Hz with a string like this:


where each value is an octet between 100-200.  More details at the link.

There's a PPM port too!

A nice idea for homemade nanoquad motor mounting.  And check out the handmade MultiWii FC!

Servo Magazine looks interesting and is recommend by Chris.

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