Sunday, November 4, 2012

Attaching Props on the ArctiBaby

 Here's how I finally put my props on the ArctiBaby.  Start out by balancing the props.  They're too small for any kind of normal prop balancer, but hanging them on a paper clip worked fine. Plain transparent tape worked well for the balancing.

Then I reamed out the hole just a tiny amount, enough to start the prop on the motor shaft.  If I reamed out enough so that the reamer came through the top, it was too much and the blades would slip.
I then put the prop on the motor shaft and centered it.  I tried pressing it on by hand, but the props are pretty light and I worried I was giving too much stress on the blades themselves.

I put the bolts on a firm surface and lightly tapped them in with my smallest ball peen hammer.  I was worried I was going to bend the thin prop shafts, but it worked well with just a couple of taps.

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