Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Things To Try: the Nifty

The Nifty, by Dave Reap.  32'' with 6mm depron, 24'' with 3mm.

"The nutball is one of the best fun designs Ive found, I think suitable for beginers and great fun for more advanced fliers...I always plug the big ones, and have more than a few now..A 36" KFm4 is my latest build and I love it.. This plank will fly steady ..check the circuits in the middle part of the video.. but it will not self right itself like the nutball does, and it does not have the fantastic slow speed harier like stability. The plank will stay in the attitude you put it, which means you have to fly it all the time, but it does not give you any problems because its so smooth in what it does..vTo fly this you need to be ok with flying ailerons and elevator, and past the need to have the stability that a nutball gives you.."

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