Thursday, November 22, 2012

Binding Spektrum DSM and Turnigy OrangeRX Receivers

Here's how to bind a DSM{2,X} transmitter and receiver.  This applies to both Spektrum and OrangeRX units.

Safety First: Remove your props.  If you screw something up, your motor could unexpectedly spin up at 100% power.  That's an uninteresting problem to resolve.

  • Remove props.
  • Power off Rx, Tx.
  • Make sure ESC is plugged into the THR port of the Rx.
  • Plug bind plug into Rx bind port.  Polarity does not matter.
  • Power up plane.  The Rx LED should fast blink.
  • Move Tx sticks into desired failsafe position.  Most importantly, make sure THR stick is at lowest position.
  • Press and hold Tx bind button.
  • While keeping Tx bind button depressed, power on Tx.
  • While keeping Tx bind button depressed, wait for Rx LED to go solid.
  • Release Tx bind button.
  • Power off  Rx.
  • Power off Tx.
  • Remove bind plug from Rx.
  • Power on Tx.
  • Power on Rx.
  • Controls should be operational Fiddle with sticks and adjust Tx settings appropriately.
Testing Failsafe
  • Adjust throttle so that motor is spinning.
  • Move sticks so that control surfaces are deflected.
  • Power off transmitter.
  • Motor should stop spinning.  Depending on your Rx model, the control surfaces will either stay in place or return to the failsafe positions set while binding.
  • Power on transmitter.  Stick control should resume.
Range Testing
  • Attach the model to the ground.
  • Move away 90 feet.
  • Press and hold the Tx Bind button.  This puts your Tx into reduced power range test mode.
  • Ensure all controls work as expected.

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