Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I'd like to try: David Wing "glider"

Possibly a motor-less version for the airshow.  Scaling to Dollar Tree thickness it becomes a 24" model.
  • Wing Span: 16"
  • Wing Area: ~86sq Inches
  • Weight: ~66grams (~2.32oz)
  • Wing Loading: ~3.9oz/sqft
  • KFm4 Airfoil, 50% steps top and bottom (3 layers of 3mm depron)
"This wing is truly a pleasure to fly. It feels very stable and it slows down nicely, the 2nd video below I tried to slow it down some to give an idea. It has no tip plates and I have not had any surprise stalls. Power off it glides reasonably gently down."

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