Friday, July 30, 2010

Dx6i Elevon Mixing for SuperFly

Update:  Superfly Guru Hance over at RCGroups has a better solution than the one I originally used. Here it is.  I've gone through the steps below and verified it works great... Thanks Hance!

Transmitter: Spektrum DX6i
Receiver: OrangeRX Spektrum DSM2 6ch

Reset Memory
  • Start by resetting the settings for this model:
  • This only resets one model memory, not the entire DX6i. 
  • This resets your model name as well.
    Receiver Setup
    • Engine (ESC) to throttle.
    • Right (starboard) servo to aileron.
    • Left (port) servo to AUX1.
    Left Stick
    • Nothing needs to be done.
    • Throttle will work as expected.
    • Rudder channel not used.
    Aileron Control
    • At this stage, only the right elevon should move.
    • Aileron right:  right elevon up.
    • If the right elevon moves down, reverse the aileron controls:
      [MENU / SETUP LIST (9) / REVERSE (4) / AILE-R]
    Elevator control
    • Move elevator up and down.
    • Nothing should happen at this time.
    Wing Tail Mix
    • Set the wing tail mix to "dual aileron" mode:
    Check control surfaces again
    • Aileron stick right: right elevon up, left elevon down.
    • Aileron stick left: left elevon up, right elevon down.
    • If left elevon motion is backwards, reverse flap channel:
      [MENU / SETUP LIST (9) / REVERSE (4) / FLAP-R]
    • If right elevon motion is backwards, reverse aileron channel:
      [MENU / SETUP LIST (9) / REVERSE (4) / AILE-R]
    • Set MIX 1 to active:
    • [ MENU / MIX1 (6) / ACT ]
    • This will give you a new menu for MIX 1.
    • Change first row to: ELEV -> FLAP ACT.
    • Change second row to: RATE D -100% U -100%.
    • You may need to set the rate to +100% if the servos are reversed.
    • Change third row to  SW ON TRIM ACT.
    Final Test
    • right stick:  right elevon up, left elevon down
    • left stick:  left elevon up, right elevon down
    • stick back:  both elevons up
    • stick forward: both elevons down

    "Classic" Dx6i Mixing

    Here's the "standard" instructions for the Dx6i
    Here's the steps I used to set elevon mixing with my Dx6i / Superfly combo.  Thanks to  brandonrc for his YouTube walkthrough that explained about using Mix1 and Mix2.

    todo: another rcgroups discussion, are they in agreement?
        Spektrum DX6i Elevon Weirdness: Worse Than You Think
             Fix For Elevon Routines

    Radio Hardware
    • transmitter: Dx6i
    • receiver: 6110e
    Servo Connections
    • Left servo, connect to ELEV
    • Right servo, connect to AILE
    Set Elevon Mode
    • menu: ADJUST LIST / SETUP LIST (9) / WING TAIL MIX (6)
    • set ELEVON = ACT (all others INH)
    Set Proper Reverse (I haven't heard anybody else mention this, but if I didn't reverse AILE then the controls were rotated 90 degree, i.e. which I mean elevator and aileron controls were swapped.)
    • menu: ADJUST LIST / SETUP LIST (9) / REVERSE (4)
    • set AILE = R (all others =N)
    Get Full Servo Throws:
    • menu: ADJUST LIST / MIX 1 (6)
    • set ELEV -> ELEV ACT
    • set RATE D = 125%
    • set RATE U = 125%
    • set TRIM = ACT
    • menu: ADJUST LIST / MIX 2 (7)
    • set AILE -> AILE ACT
    • set RATE D = 125%
    • set RATE U = 125%
    • set TRIM = ACT 
    125% is the maximum mix adjustment you can select.  The SuperFly manual recommends starting with throws of 1.5 inches up and 1.5 inches  down and adjusting to taste, so use whatever value gives you the control you like.

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