Thursday, July 29, 2010

HobbyKing Orange Micro DSM2 Receiver

HobbyKing RA61E DSM2-compatible Park Flyer Receivers arrived! (link updated to the Orange Micro variant)
  • no instructions included (therefore, this post!)
  • no problem with binding.
  • works well.
  • added 1.5" heatshrink myself.
  • Pin assignment are the same as the AR6110e.
  • Wire attachments are OPPOSITE the AR6110e. Control line is on the TOP.
Top photo is the  heatshrinked one, bottom has yet to be heatshrinked. Shown with Spektrum AR6110e for refererence.

Two chips on board:
  • left chip is covered with glue, anybody know what it is?
  • right chip is Cypress Semi CY8C21434 (datasheet).


  1. I think that I messed up mine by trying to bind with power inverted (+/-/signal).
    I wonder if there is a component that could work as a fuse that can be replaced.


  2. Orison, I don't think inverting the connector will hurt the receiver.

    It is frustrating when the receiver does not bind. My first receiver (expensive genuine DSM2) did not bind and I wasted about 3-4 hours trying all sorts of things.

  3. Usually binding problems turn out to be having the TX to close to the RX, I have experienced the same issues at times. Just a matter of moving the TX a bit further away.

  4. I'm really interested in finding out what the wireless chip on this reciever is. Any developments in figuring it out?

  5. I kept waiting for one of them to stop working, but they're all going strong! So I haven't had the heart to pry the capacitor of to try to scrape off the glue. If anybody has an old one they're not using give me a shout!