Saturday, July 3, 2010

Superfly Build Log

Here's how I built my SuperFly. I am a total beginner -- I've got a DX6i radio, and have been practicing on FMS and RC DeskPilot. I've got pieces coming from HobbyZone (receiver), SuperFly (the actual plane), and HobbyKing (servos, batteries, ESC).

  • Received plane kit along with tube of Welder's Glue. I emailed SuperFlyRC and they arranged to combine shipping. Otherwise, their online shop bumps ground shipping from $10 to $20. Still waiting for HK and HZ shipments to arrive.
  • Got low-temp hot glue gun from Amazon. Ordering wiring-quality soldering iron.
  • do I need battery connectors? have to see how the HK stuff arrives.
  • is it normal to solder the motor to the ESC?
Suggestions for SuperFlyRC
  • have a mailing list for superfly owners.
  • sell an "everything you need" kit that includes batteries, connectors, etc. You can have a high-end and low-end version of this kit.
  • List detail for "complete hardware"
Complete List of Everything For the Beginner

Here's everything I bought so far for this plane. Things marked (**) aren't specifically for this plane but are "generic" items.
  • Spektrum DX6i transmitter, $150 (**)
  • USB cable for DX6i, to use with sim, $12 (**)
  • Battery Charger [HX8080], $24.95 (**)
  • ESC programming card [TR_PC], $6.95 (**)
  • Receiver [AR6110] $50
  • 2 servos [TGY-2216MG], $18.90 each
  • ESC [TR_B18], $14.99
  • 2 Batteries [T1300.2S.20], $6.29 each
  • Kit, including body, motor (Towerpro 21), prop (GWS 8x6), rods (2), control horns (2, size 1/2A)

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