Friday, July 2, 2010

Planes I'd Like to Try: "Baby Bam Bam" $1.00 Flying Bat Plane

Nice plane build by CaptainRandy at RCGroups using a Dollar Tree bat as the body and old coroplast signage for the wings.

'The bat measures 24 1/4" long X 2" diameter, and comes in Red or Yellow. The wing span of the plane is 38". I have just completed building this little beauty, and it flies like a dream. It can be built as a rudder/elevator only plane with some dihedral, or with full house controls, ailerons, rudder, elevator, and of course throttle. The amount of dihedral is easily changed by bending the wire rods used to attach the wing to the fuse. I use Coroplast sign material for the wings and tail feathers (horizontal & vertical stabilizers & elevator & rudder). The only glue used is hot glue for the attachment of the vertical & horizontal stabilizers and attaching the aileron servos to the top side of the wings. The rudder and elevator servos are attached with the screws provided with your servos.'

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