Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stiffening a Wing with CF

rtfmaero@RCG provides this pointer for stiffening a wing by gluing CF strips to the top and bottom of the wing. Somebody else had made a similar suggestion.  He writes:

"if you are looking to make the wing panel really stiff, then abandon any thought of a beefy (single) internal CF rod. Go instead for two flimsy SURFACE MOUNTED CF rods - spar caps - (one on each surface of the wing). Doing so will make your wing completely stiff, able to withstand maybe 100kg (this might translate to perhaps 100g G's). I have used a single 1mm x 5mm CF sliver bonded to the top surface and to the underside of a wing, and the panel is as stiff as a solid plank of wood. It just doesn't bend...

"The next step is to make sure the wings don't bend in the middle, where they join. To do that:  Get a new CF rod; Cut it in half; Lay BOTH halves side by side in the inner section of the wing. I had to cut a second channel in the recessed area to make room for the second spar rod. This will make the wing join section very stiff."

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